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Scopeworks Asia

Scopeworks Asia is a first Philippine-based company that gives its dedication and providing timely, precise, high quality, and cost-effective transcription, that edits, proofreads, audio text conversation and data conversation services. It is the leader in the Philippines when it comes to their services the first in the country and in Asia Pacific region.

Scopeworks Asia started its operations since 2005 and it is now the leading legal scoping Philippine company that serves in the US. The Scopeworks Asia in the Philippines is the first to announce in the open as included in the BPO in the Philippines through Paxys Incorporated. It is the company that started to institutionalize a 6-weeks production editor’s training program that modeled after US standards. Also the Scopeworks Asia has the far-reaching company that gives real time of voice files to text conversation, that includes the joining the voice transcription skills with the call center operational experience of call center associates, with its markings and has over 1000 conversation agents across its 3 sites and still growing to a total of more than 2000 by the year 2010.

SScopeworks Asia has a high quality service that has exceptional correctness and error –free outcomes that is guaranteed by means of a three-level of proofreading, editing and data conversation that administer by the internal quality assurance unit manage by a respected and highly knowledgeable quality control agents, by a competent transcriptionist, editors and research support system that authenticate text and the language use and commendably use references.

When it comes to price competitiveness, Scopeworks Asia is guaranteed through a better-quality productivity that comes out to its nonstop competence that upgrades the transcriptionist and editors adaptation of innovative technology solutions to the transcription and editing business of the company.

Timely delivery always observe, improvement time for deliverables is personalized based on customer demand and on-demand delivery of transcripts must sees to it by a company designed e-network system and full balance of transcription, the data conversion as well as the editing professionals. ScopeWorksAsia has a safe FTP server that delivers file uploading, tracking and file downloading abilities.

ScopeWorks Asia call center is located in:

  • ScopeWorks Makati
    ScopeWorks Asia
    8F Citibank Center
    Paseo de Roxas Makati City

For career opportunities, please visit ScopeWorks Philippines Job Openings.


Sister company of advanced contact solutions. ACS will refer you to their nonvoice account if you applied at ACS, then that will bring you to scopeworks for ACS’ nonvoice account. Then scopeworks academy is located at allied bank center at ACS site.

good training… friendly atmosphere but low salary

ok nmn d2 s company n 2..u just hv to deal with all the work related problems ..since SWA didn’t ask u to apply 4 them..u need be it..if ayw nyo s company don’t apply ganun lng un..

in fairness nmn d2 sa bgong company nato, pwede mag overtime kahit kela mo gusto kahit 1 hour or 30 minutes pwede. d katulad sa iba hndi maxdo pinapaovertime. madali lng nmn ung nature ng work. non voice account so expected na ung ibang TM eh

it’s a non voice account so mas madali cya at less effort kesa sa voice account. pwede ba wag na magfeeling ung mga d marunong magsalita ng english reklamo pa wala nmn tatanggap sa inyong ibang company!

it’s a nonvoice account so expect the people to have lack of FINESSE. people here are not pasosyal unlike those in those voice accounts malandi lng magsalita bobo nmn sa grammar

sister company ng ACS

the company is SPINVOX and yet, clients do not allow agents to tell anyone ESPECIALLY foreigners about SPINVOX

basta ako hapi ako sa team ko.. hehehe

wlang problema sa work. less stress ksi non voice account nga which means there’s no irate customer and lahat tayo kailangan ng work kaya kahit mababa ang salary pinatos natin.

ok ung HR Dept dito… gwapo pa ni Sir Paulo at lalo na si sir Justine… mababait naman sila

petiks minsan dito pero ninja moves parang walang ganun kasi walang AVAya non voice account dito …ok naman dito kaso yung water dispenser sa Citibank eh hot and warm water lang hehehehehehehehe ewan ko lang ngyon

actually SWA is developing and improving everyday… as i can see it… i’ve been working here for 9 months now and i’m seeing a lot of progress for of now pantry and sleeping quarters are clean…we also got this new incentive program

ACS is a good company so if you’ll hear scopeworks is a sister company, you would really apply.

Ok naman ako dito sa ScopeWorks..Nag work nako sa Telus….18k salary ko bukod pa dun mga incentives….pero sobrang pagod tlaga ako at stress…dito…ok ako..maliit man salary…hindi naman ako pagod….super sali ng work…ok naman TM ko…..cute pa ng

Asan na yung sinasabi ng HR na evalutaion para sa mga ni-renew na ng contract? sabi ng HR they’ll increase the salary from 12k to 14.5k,, e hanggang ngayon pending pa din sa banga yung increase na yun..

2loy ang buhay sa SWA. sana lang nx time na my mangya2ring ganto sana may abiso dn para sa mga agents hnd ung sa payday m na mala2man n wala ka plang sa2hurin. pnu nman ung mga taong my mga obligations db. at saka sana updated lage ang mga oic’s at tm’s p

ganyan naman talaga sa SWA lakasan ng loob.

hawak nga tayo ng paxys pero wala naman sa contract na dapat delayed din ang sahod natin pag delayed bayad ng client.

Vision To be a global data conversion and outsourcing company that is at part with the rest the world that can compete and serve the global outsourcing business towards growing and achieving overall demands of its stakeholders.

ok naman dito sa Scope but we have to admit na madaming dapat baguhin lalo na sa management and staffs. give and take lang naman kasi ang kailangan para everybody happy. of course the agents needs to comply to all the necessary logins and QA’s but the com

Scopeworks Cabuyao the best, if you’re working professional di mo na kailangang intindihin ang other people around you. You don’t need to judge others kung perfomer ka. Yung Wf mabait sila dahil sa kanila trabaho lang walang personalan tanga ka na lang ku

SWA didn’t foresee this to happened. That’s why the mgmt. felt sorry for all of us. However, doing the best to reach the company’s goal and not their employee’s unreasonable expectations. Thank you!

this company brings out the best in me! in other call centers all I do is talk. now I can write.. write NTE’s that are not going to be accepted. oh well, at least I didn’t lie unlike those “promising” officers here.

I LOVE THIS COMPANY AND I LOVE TENZING. I CARE ABOUT MY JOB AND I CARE ABOUT TENZING…. sana bumalik si paula para mabuhayan ng loob ang mga agents esp the guys.

This was my first job ever. and working here was an experience I’ll never forget. I submitted resignation pero di na ko naka exit interview, i was embarassed to Sir Paolo kasi nga nag resign ako bigla. ang babait ng mga tao (para sakin ha) my colleagues were all nice (Wave 42, and later, Team Rhode Island) and esp. mommy Chat was very nice (She’s very fun and witty) I regretted having resigned too early. Ok naman yung pasahod. I have nothing against the working conditions, nakakatakot lang mag absent (ang cute ni maám Michelle pero strikto. hehe.

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2 thoughts on “Scopeworks Asia

  • October 14, 2014 at 7:55 am


    Just want to ask where can I send my application, or can I go directly to your company without any appointment?


  • June 19, 2013 at 6:00 am

    SWA non voice account,, hmmm sounds interesting, I’ve been working in the BPO industry for almost 4 years na maybe I need to rest my voice muna and try ang non voice account.. pero how much ba ang salary na ma-i-offer?


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