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SeaChange International

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Founded in 1993, SeaChange International is the leading global innovator in multi-screen video software and services that enable captivating television services for tens of millions of subscribers. It initially solved the challenges in multi-channel which led to the development of the leading ad insertion platform. SeaChange Philippines then moved to on-demand television and now supports a majority of advanced TV services. Today, the company delivers rich and seamless user experiences across mobile, PC and TV screens with extensive cross-promotional capabilities and fully integrated linear and non-linear advertising. It envisions of providing transformative and personalized video experiences in the home and everywhere, any time on any device through innovative software.

SeaChange specializes in catering companies in the Cable, Telco and Mobile industries. It solutions included Multi-Screen Platform, In-Home, Advertising and Linear Broadcast. Among its leading products included Adrenalin, AssetFlow, Cloud Adrenalin Service, Infusion, Nitro, Nucleus and Casis. SeaChange Philippines provides services such as Ad Insertion, Business Intelligence, Cloud Solutions, Content Management, Hospitality Solutions, Linear Broadcast Managed Services, Multi-Screen Experience, Offer Management, Ad Operations Monitoring, OTT Delivery, RDK Optimization, System Integration and Video Back Office. It also provides Consulting Services for Deployment, Project Management, Solutions Engineering, Integration Consulting, Solution Architecture, System Integration and Network Design. It also provides Managed Services in Remote Managed Services and SeaChange Cloud Services. Finally, SeaChange Philippines also offers training and development seminars.

SeaChange International, Inc is headquartered in 50 Nagog Park, Acton, MA 01720 USA. SeaChange Philippines is primarily engaged in customer Service & Engineering.

SeaChange Philippines call center office address:

  • SeaChange UP Technohub
    2/F Bldg A
    UP Ayala Techno Hub
    Commonwealth Ave., Diliman
    Quezon City, Philippines
    Tel: +63.2.981.6200

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