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SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions

Posted on October 19, 2017 | No Comments on SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions

A budding BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions is just starting to get its feet wet in terms of making a name for itself in the industry. Since being founded in early 2017, SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions has already amassed a steady growth in clients and agents. As the company continues to trend upwards, SelectPro Philippines is slowly but surely gaining the traction it needs to be successful in its industry.

SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions’ team of agents consists of individuals who share the company’s goal of bringing back care in customer care. Our employees undergo extensive training for them to be able to comply with the company’s standards for customer support. SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions doesn’t just train them to be ready for the job; the company wants them to be better professionals in the field they decided to pursue.

It is SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions’ mission to be innovative and at the same time, sustain the quality of service it’s known for as we enter the modern era of business process outsourcing.
SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions is all about providing quality customer support to its clients’ customers and other services that’ll expedite the success of their businesses. SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions aims to be the catalyst behind an extremely organized business process that’ll dominate the industry it wants to corner. Behind the quality of our service, SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions wants to be the ones to push your company to greater heights.

Through our chat support service, customer & technical support services and virtual assistance, SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions will deliver a high level of customer satisfaction for your clients. SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions has agents that rotate in shifts to provide round the clock assistance for the customers so that every call will be answered for your customer’s queries.

Services such as Inbound and Outbound Process, Research and Served services, and Lead Generation are also provided by the company which is sure to play a vital role in achieving the success its clients want to have. Through SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions’ services, you’d be able to reach out to your prospective clients while maintaining the rapport with current customers.

The company’s simple vision is to provide a quality of service that is distinct from other agencies. We want to stay ahead of the competition and be the instigator of a revolution in customer care.

SelectPro Outsourcing Solutions call center office address:

  • SelectPro Quezon City
    16/F West Trade Bldg.
    132 West Ave.
    Quezon City, Philippines

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