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Servicore is a human resource company which is composed of exceptionally talented and skilled individuals. The company was set up with the goal to take action to the constantly growing number of Filipinos looking for jobs, and also to their clients who are looking for new employees and fresh faces with the minimal burdens when it comes to the administrative matters. As a company that is oriented to be of high class quality service, Servicore Philippines is dedicated to give excellent service and of high standard quality to all of its clients. The company’s core value has always been undisputed high standard quality service.

Although its headquarters is located in Manila, Servicore believes that there is no client too big, too small or too far to be provided of their service. This is why the company has also become the head hunter agency of various company located in the provinces in the country. Various job openings have been offered by Servicore for Filipinos looking for jobs in places like Batangas, Bulacan, Bataan and Rizal.

Here are some of the job postings that Servicore has announced recently:
– Safety officer – Must be male; 21-35 years of age and with at least 1 year experience.
– Encoder / Dispatcher – This can be male or female; 21-30 years of age; with or without experience but must possess at least a Bachelor’s or College degree in any field.
– Truck/ Trailer driver – Must be male; 21-55 years of age; with experience 123 or 1238 driver’s license restrictions
– Cashier / Encoder – This can be male or female; 18-25 years of age; at least college level; knowledgeable and experienced in Microsoft Office tools

Servicore continues to strive to be the outstanding human resource company by ensuring that the candidates they refer to the companies are of high quality and with exceptional skills in their respective fields. The pool of experienced professionals who works for the company carefully scrutinizes and investigates each candidate’s experiences and capabilities and matches these experiences and expertise with the requirements needed for a certain job post. This way, the companies are guaranteed to acquire the perfect candidate to fill up the vacant job post.

Servicore headquarters can be located at 5th floor SCC Bldg. CFA Compound #4427 Old Sta. Mesa Road, Sta. Mesa Manila.

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