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Servimax Technologies Philippines

The Servimax Technologies Philippines focuses on their services such as operations support that concentrated on different IT clients, they give solutions for the Human Resources like all the transaction for the payment or the salaries of the employees, training and organizational developments includes in these Human Resource, Accounting for their accounts payable/receivable for the treasury and Audit resources, the Customer Care includes in their services the technical support and the customer care, The Administration which caters to the facility management and the security and of course the Information Technology which is their main craft, these services includes the Compatibility Testing, the Software Installation, System Setup, the configuration, the network installation and last the troubleshooting of any kind to software to hardware. These services are their main offers to their clients. They give services mostly big company’s like the Intel, Epson, LG, Samsung, HP, Sony Sennheiser, the JBL, Western Digital, the Rezer, the mostly computer parts the Asus, for the electronics like the Toshiba to name a few.

Servimax Technologies Philippines when they started consists only for 51 employees and in the long run they ended up for almost 200 employees and still hiring. They work from Monday thru Saturday and they have a shifting schedule like any other companies. Business outfits are required for their employees to wear inside the office; the good thing about this company is that the employees can speak in native language which is Tagalog/Filipino. When hired in Servimax technologies, the benefits they give to their employees are beneficial for them, these includes for the health insurance there is a medical insurance, miscellaneous allowance is good enough for them for their daily needs, for their kids there’s the Educational Support, dental support, others like Sales commission this can be achieve by means of performance in selling the companies products and services. The profit sharing, companies profit will be shared by the employees, and the best thing for Servimax Technologies Philippines is that they held monthly sales for the gadgets they have in the company in a lower cost.

In Servimax, they give worth to their employees regarding their contribution to their company. They treat their employees as their business partner. Servimax Technologies Philippines provides support, the best benefits, work culture the resources they needed, and they give training and career opportunities for them to grow in their line of work.

Servimax Technologies Philippines call center is located in:

  • Servimax Cubao
    # 20 North Road Corner 3rd Avenue
    Cubao, Quezon City
    Tel No.: 724-3340

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  1. 13/02/21

    hi my name is arnel i would like to apply as a csr.

    • Cherrie Lou Posadas Reply

      Hi,I’m Cherrie and I had 3 years and 7 mos. call center experience.I’m interested for the CSR position.Thanks.

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