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Sevenworks (or Viiworks) was founded in 2006 as a Web Technology Company. In just short span of time, they are able to work for hundreds of business and help them to expand their markets. Because of this venture, Sevenworks Philippines has transformed into a marketing and software development company. Their goals are to provide numerous ways on how to assist in consistent business growth. They assist in making business easier to reach to a broader market.

Viiworks Philippines is composed of seasoned managers who are experience in this field, like Information technology, Web and Software Programming, Art and Design, and other fields. There is no way that this company could not creative and innovative solutions for their clients’ needs.

Products and Services
E-Commerce Solutions – Starting up a business online has made easy with the help of technology and websites that will assist you in your endeavors. The trade between your products and services to your target customers is made easy through this.
Design and Development – Building up your business’ profile is better when you have consistent website to support your company’s growth and development. You do not like to be stagnant when it comes to your designs, so this service is recommended.
Software Solutions – When business needs software to ease their work, then this company has made it ready for them. Software solutions to any kind of concerns are assisted through this.
Online Branding and Marketing – One’s website should be online and visible so it would be successful. Hence, this company has a series of services that could development a business’ consistencies and connection to its clients.

Why Should You Work Here
One of their goals is to empower the businesses of their clients. Viiworks empowers their staff before starting to empower others. Hence, working here can give you an opportunity to the doors of success. You are in good hands because of the professional development that their seasoned managers can give you. This company’s vision and goals are truly dynamic. They adapt to the world. They also accept changes. Hence, one can surely gain knowledge once he works here. In addition to that, one can surely achieve the professional development that one looks for.

Aside from that, Sevenworks surely expands because of the increase in their sales as per their portfolio. Being part of this company is an edge even if you are not working here.

Sevenworks Philippines office address:

  • Sevenworks Makati
    G/F West of Ayala Tower
    252 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines
    PH Tel: +632-846-8844

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