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ShareSource Australia BPO

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We believe the world has changed. Absolutely passionate about the emergence of a ‘flat world’, ShareSource Australia is partner firm that helps multinational companies co-manage their offshore team to operate businesses globally in a competitive society by increasing customer engagement. ShareSource Philippines helps company in co managing their offshore team or branches by working to clarify processes and the work that needs to be done, recruitment of right person in their behalf, organizing facilities in modern offices, including internet access and standard computer equipment, managing the induction and the ‘on boarding process’ including cross cultural training, assisting in conducting required training, managing and processing payroll of offshore team, handling all HR and labor law issues, reviewing employee performance regularly and providing advice for improvements, working with clients and teams to build careers and deal with problems that arise.

In short, ShareSource Australia BPO We helps companies build and operate the offshore team of companies to ensure that offshore teams will up and running the soonest possible time and remains sustainable and effective in fulfilling its objectives or assigned tasks.

Offshoring is different with ShareSource because the ShareSource is grounded in Australia. It acts to source skilled professionals that will consistently deliver high-end results and offers a transition management service that will initially navigate business until it becomes stable. This business model lies between traditional outsourcing and owning your own business overseas. ShareSource BPO Philippines establishes hosts and helps manage team, while reducing initial investment, ongoing costs, allows your full control and allows for faster rollout with less risk.

Whether companies need to build online Brand digital marketing or build relationship with clients faster through smart internet marketing, ShareSource Australia will provide the manpower to make your ideas happen.

ShareSource Australia BPO office address:

  • ShareSource Davao
    Carlos Villa Abrille Bldg.
    J.P. Laurel Avenue
    Davao City, Philippines

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