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What is Shifting Schedule?

Shifting schedule pertains to the varying time of work of an employee as compared to a fixed schedule. The idea of a shifting schedule emanated for the concept of shift work which in turn arise out of the need of a company to work and provide service 24 hours 7 days a week.

Since, the law fixes the work schedule of employees to only 8 hours a day and 5-6 times a week to give time for employees to rest and to attend to their other important responsibilities in life aside from work, there was a need for companies to hire more employees to work in the remaining hours of the day. This was especially apparent in the call center industry because of the geographic time difference of the customer agents and the clients or market they serve.

Thus, the 24 hour service was divided into equal 8 hour shifts. Moreover, companies also recognize the equal need of all employees to have the opportunity to work in the different shifts of the day. No normal person is born nocturnal.

In lieu of which, companies adopt the shifting schedule which assigns the working schedule of an employee in the different 8 hour shifts in a day to provide equal opportunities for employees to work in the morning or in the night. Thus, most call center company employees have shifting schedules which pertains to the assignment of different time of work in a day. Depending on the company policy, the work schedule of an employee can be changed once as week, every after two weeks or every month.

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