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Shipadmin is an ICT company focusing in the administrative solutions for ships and ship-owner’s office which originated in Norway. The company’s main specialization is addressing the needs of the modern vessel fleet across the globe. Some of the most advanced vessel owners in the world today trust on the company’s products in their everyday work, both in the shoe and at the sea.

For the Shipadmin’s solutions, the only keyword would be flexibility. Shipadmin Philippines understands that every ship has its own unique requirements and has already taken it into account. It provides solutions which can be shaped to suit the client’s vessel as well as the client’s company. Shipadmin invests a lot of effort into making its system usable for its clients, and the solutions are ensured to be developed by mariners for mariners, therefore, its strong dedication on the user friendliness of the systems. Its customers find it easy to use the solutions it provides even without any previous knowledge.

As an ever-growing company, Shipadmin offered a job post for IT engineer. The successful applicant will be offered the highest salary package, exceptional compensation and benefits package.

Shipadmin is composed of highly dedicated, motivation driven and competitive staff. The company has employees with exceptional experience as sailing offices on some of the most complex vessels in the industry. Hence, the company is proud to proclaim that it knows the industry very well and perfectly understands its needs.

The main headquarters of the company is located in More at the Northwest Coast of Norway. It is fair to say that the office is situated there strategically due to the fact that most of Norway’s strength in the field of advanced marine operations is focused within an hour’s drive from the headquarters. The home for a remarkable collection of over 200 leading maritime companies and training offices, research and finance institutions that develop one very few complete maritime group in the world.

ShipAdmin Philippines office address:

  • Shipadmin Makati
    11/F 6780 Bldg.
    6780 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

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