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Sidekiiks Philippines

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Sidekiiks Inc. is a Canadian based Business Support and Personal Assistant services firm that caters busy SME organizations and professionals mostly based in Canada including night clubs and 5-star restaurants, real estate, art galleries, manufacturing and everything in between. Sidekiiks Philippines essentially provides virtual agents or assistants to manage practically any office task to relieve clients of the pressures of a heavy workload, thereby allowing them to focus on tasks and projects that are core valuable creators in their businesses and lives.

Sidekiiks has created its office known as the Sidekiiks Support Center that provides professional and enjoyable environment for its entire staff. Drawing upon the well-established call center industry in the Philippines and recruiting top talent from local business institutions, the Sidekiiks Support Center provides skilled work teams and dedicated assistants which are mostly Lead Generation Agents (LGA), which provide outbound calling campaigns for clients to qualify their leads to opportunities, Virtual Assistants who perform administrative tasks for project management, Online Marketing Assistants, who performs online marketing through social media, search engine optimization, website and overall internet marketing as well as Inbound Agents that performs customer relationship management services. In order to ensure that agents continues to be motivated, Sidekiiks Philippines also provides other career growth, incentives and other social team building activities to all its agents like any other typical BPO firm.

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