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Signs That Says It’s Time to Hand Your Resignation

If you have been in the call center industry for a long time, you know just how employee retention is in this industry. A lot of employees come and go, jump from one company to the next within a few months before landing into that company that offers everything that perfectly fits their lifestyle. However, you know very well that this is not a good habit. There are some legitimate reasons though, for leaving your company.

You still feel tired after your long vacation. Okay, so you thought maybe you were just tired. You thought maybe you just need to have a nice vacation somewhere you could relax and enjoy yourself to the maximum level and have your batteries recharged. Unfortunately, after this long break, when you get back to work, the old feeling is there. You still feel like taking calls is beyond you and you no longer want to be stuck in your work station.

Career progress is way too slow, or not moving forward, at all. You already have considered your options and evaluated yourself. You felt the need for a radical change and therefore, you submitted the application for that job posting for a different, a higher position. Well, there’s nothing wrong in stepping up the career ladder. In fact, it should actually be encouraged. However, there are already several people who submitted their application way after you, and they already got the posts. You are still on the same work station. Like, what’s going on here?

Your supervisor is questioning your performance. This is natural, because your team leader is the one responsible for the results that you produce. If your work is already starting to get jeopardized because you feel like you no longer like what you do, your supervisor should identify the problem, and suggest possible solutions. If not, and instead he or she criticizes you and pointing out how you just became a lazy brat, then, there are no questions asked.

These are just some of the things you might go over, and if you have been experiencing these signs, then, it’s best for you to reevaluate yourself. Do you still want to work in the same industry? Or you want to move on to a different kind of job. Maybe the schedules no longer work for you. Whatever your plan is, if you feel like you are no longer efficient in the tasks that were assigned to you, then maybe, it’s time to quit.

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