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Simple Team Building Activities

Team building is one of the most important activities in a call center in order to help agents relax from the pressures of work and allow them to get to know each other better for improved camaraderie, teamwork and unity. Here are simple team building activities that managers can use:

Videoke/ Karaoke. Filipinos love to sing. Having a Karaoke activity is a great bonding time for agents to have a great time and know each other’s hidden talents.

Casual Drinking. Alcohol works like a universal language. People drink beer or liquor to relax or engage in talks. Alcohol helps many people remove their inhibitions in life.

Common Party Games. Including trip to Jerusalem, Pinoy Henyo and stop dances are very simple activities that help dissipate pressures from work and allow agents to have a good time.

Sports. Holding sporting events like basketball, chess, volleyball, badminton and other sports can help agents to value the importance of teamwork. These activities will also help promote health.

Swimming. A common team building activity is going out for a swimming in a resort. There are various resorts and beaches to choose from which is just a few kilometres away from Manila. Having out of town activities for team building especially provides agents an opportunity to see and tour other parts of the country.

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