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Sitel Philippines

Posted on May 15, 2021 | 5 Comments on Sitel Philippines

Sitel Philippines BPO Company of the Year!

Established in 2000, Sitel Philippines is its largest offshore center service branch constituted by 9 service locations. Its Philippine service centers particularly provide Inbound and outbound sales support, customer service, lead generation and technical support.

In particular, Sitel Philippines provides customer acquisition and sales/ marketing; support office services, account management and collection, and customer help desk. Sitel Philippines also offers its services in different service channels such as email chat and fax. Sitel Philippines voice channel is provided in four languages namely, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish that serves clients from North America (including Hawaii), United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. As proof to its world class service, Sitel Philippines had received numerous recognitions such as the “Outstanding Employer for Large Enterprise Category”, BPO Company of the Year, and 1st CSR Excellence Award, among others.

Sitel Philippines call center does not only provide service, it provides a comprehensive and continuing solution to customer relationship management. More than just providing professional and consistent service, Sitel Philippines proactively engages in different activities that ensure to increase profitability of its clients by helping them understand their customers better, enhancing operational efficiency, building company image and strong brand experience, responding quickly to changing market conditions, maximizing market share and bring customer experience in the highest levels.

Believe and commit. These are the two underlying principles that make up the more than 50,000 highly trained professionals that deliver the services of Sitel Philippines. Sitel is a contact center outsourcing company that delivers focused and complete CRM solutions from customer acquisition, customer care, customer retention and loyalty. Vision, passion and purpose are the heart of Sitel Philippines that represent everything we do – a vision to excel, a passion to serve and purpose that creates meaning to all its stakeholders. Moreover, Sitel Philippines has defined five corporate values on which the company was founded and conducts all its activities namely, accountability, integrity, open communication, service excellence and teamwork.

SITEL Philippines facility is approximately 85,000 square feet, across five floors, and has a capacity of 1,000 workstations. By locating our facility in Manila, SITEL Customer Care Philippines is able to offer clients a location with direct flight access from several U.S. cities and non-stop service from the west coast.

Sitel Philippines call centers are located in:

For career opportunities, visit Sitel Philippines Job Openings.



they do hard-selling here right? ive been a part of an elite sales group so i should be able to sell this co. in a breeze….here goes..u might wanna zoom in on their recruit

All companies have weaknesses and strenghts.ive been with the company since 2004…all i can say is i have no regrets…bec. It’s your attitude that matters…you might be”one of those”who has no satisfaction and contentment in life and who tranfer from o

ok sna! ganda ng compensation, dami performance based incentives.. but if you want to have career growth ala mangyayari syu

sobrang pressured na kmi sa upselling………sitel is good pero nagpapasama yung mga sales coach

I used to work with the company. my only comment is mahina ang HR. when I applied I was left waiting for 2 hours not telling me that I was already hired kung hindi ko pa inapproach and interviewer. Kuripot ang napuntahan kong account. (Paypal) maliit comp

here is the package for sitel (cap-one account)financial.. P15,400, P1,600 trans, 15% night deff..benefits like medical after 6 months.. trust me..thats in pioneer manda

grabe ha 1 day hiring process nga, mula umaga hanggang hating-gabi pag hihintayinka nila.. nakakaasar. at nung nahire na for non-voice acct, bigla nilang ililipat sa voice account

14 kmi start ng training day, then natira 5 nalang, management (pioneer mandaluyong)!!!

how much minimum hour required for CSP part timer???? how much salary??

ok naman dito, kahit di gaano malaki sweldo. ang hirap lang ililipat ka ng account kahit labag sa kalooban mo. para lang masira career mo at ma terminate ka dahil di ka daw performer wherein sa dati mong account ay top seller ka!

i am interested sa non-voice acct. u min they will just transfer u to a voice acct anytime they want? gano ktagal nun nilipat ka sa voice acct? how much salary ng non-voice acct? tnx

There’s a new, pioneering account.. Luckily kami nsa Batch 01 kea ang dami oppotunities.. sa Pioneer-Boni ako nag-apply pero s Eastwood ako nagpa-assign kz mas malapit s haus ko.. so far, mganda ang impression ng Sitel s kin..msaya!^^

Ralph Louie Penamora 09185326136 Fresh Grad. Polytechnic Univ. of the Phils.

magkanu starting d2?

is it ok to apply as RA kht undergraduate lang? i already have 1 yr callcenter experience though

guys and gurls mahirap tlga kpg walag contentment sa katawan d b? kahit pa ganun kaliit offer sau meron naman other things na makakapagpasaya like frieinds and if you enjoy the job ur dong and not only for the money..ive been with sitel for 1yr and runnin

sana makapasa ko sa training d2 sa sitel,, i hope this is a good company

it’s not a matter of contentment..makokonten2 ka ba as agent na lang where in u gave ur best and yet u cant be promoted coz OM’s doesn’t say so!!!

night diff’s a bit below competition though you need to include the skeds.. i quit the company for two reasons 1. the sked: imagine having a sked 4-11 sked though you’d have 3 offs for the

next, the “feel high” TM’s yes they are good, not to mention my TL initials (C.D.R)others are not so competent… do they have the right to treat you as kids and go shout at you??

Sitel is an awesome company, for some reason their “paper offer” to me has been the lowest in all the companies ive been in but the “actual payout” woah… i’ve had the largest payouts in all my experience. in my opinion, saying a company is good

yah one this is right though, you will be transferred to other accounts even if you don’t really want that. but the good thing for me is that I was transferred to a growing account. So far so good. Less stress than the other accounts like sprint. Easy acc

you know what, i applied for QA and recruitment told me to wait for their call coz im due for the final interview and its 2mos already wala padin

hello. where can i find elaine villanueva? she said she’ll be calling me for the final interview. she even asked me if it’s okay i’ll be based in Eastwoo City. btw, i applied for QA. i followed up my application twice and said the same thing.. it’s more t

yung friend ko nag apply nq qa dumaan sa lahat ng process,yung isang tropa naman ng mga bossing final interview agad…

nice company,good benefits,very nice tm(rigus)…given the chance,i want to work with him again…

antagal ng application processing nila. Job offer kana… 3 weeks na no calls from them parin! They already gave you a endoresement for your training sabay sabi wait for our HR call

Please contact me if you already have an operation in Davao City because Im very much willing to work again in this company. This is my contact number, 09103502478 thanks!!! By the way, I’m Teddy S. Bañas Jr. a previous employee of this company.

i like to be part of your company pero higskul grad lng me.but willing me matuto and i am gud listener.i am currently employed right now.my boss are so good to me but nd me masaya s ugal ng mga ka work ko dhil mahilig ung iba mang discriminate at mangdigg

My non voice account ba ang sitel? I’m working from other call center company…

Nakuha ng sitel ang sears account vs west…di ba?

ok dito kaya lang liit ng sahod, may training bond pa 1,500 for 2 months. napakadali pumasok dito, di sila nag rereject. haha.

ok sana kc approachable ang HR Team, kya napakabagal ng application process, and i was there 9am and got home 3am. Ang masaklap, chance passenger p ko for microsoft account, na in case may mag back out, ako ang ipapalit… Eh wala nagback out… You wha

guys, do you have any idea on how much is the salary of a coach/team leader? thnx!

meron pa bang perfect attendance bonus sa sitel ngayon?

sitel offers great opportunities…

sitel is one of the best call centers in the worlrd…

Hi guys!Can somebody tell me kng ano ung Tmobile acct?queuing ba dito?at kung hardselling ba dpt?

when sitel & clientlogic merged pumangit na sitel.. sayang

infairness with this company it’s one of the best call centers in the industry.im from capital one account but nagresign na ako..the management in mandaluyong SUPERB!!! lalo sila papi gimmil at om earl at mga tm!marunong sila umintindi ng mga agents..the

I used to work there, all I can say is that they would ask so much of your time and in the end you wont be compensated for that effort.

Honestly, what’s best in this company is their medical benefits

may bagong opportunities and SITEL this coming few months, so yung mga kailangan ng work apply na kayo!! Inbound at walang upsells, scripted lahat easy money diba?

do you have dayshift?

Been working here for almost 2 years. Sitel won’t be the BPO Company of the Year 2008 for nothing. Thankful ako kasi maganda ung account (Pasig 2). laki ng incentives. bait ng mga people. astig mga naging coaches ko. pero syempre pinakahindi ko maiwanan i

i worked here b4 i wasn’t regulated bcoz my final assessmnts were based from my previous team although i’ve been outstanding on my new team for3mths which was unfair to me coz my prvios coach rated me prsonally.

Thanks sitel, comment ko lng dito. ok and approachable ung coach or team n napuntahan q. i heard n may mga coaches n hirap i-approach. nun time na nag-kasakit ako sila mismo nag-offer n mag-SL aq pra makapag-rest ng mabuti. siguro nga may mga ibang nakara

Hi! Anybody can reply, just wanted to know how much is the salary for QA position here. Thanks!

The company is good… Im rating the Baguio People of sitel POOR… They dont know how to take care of their people, delayed incentives, schedule failures… ive seen alot loose their job, ako im still here… kapag may makukuha sila sayo the company kee

napagod ako husto mag apply dito..my final interview was 10pm but i was called at past 12midnight..siguro ganon talaga mag apply dito..no hurt feelings but they have to eliminate their system of “keep your lines open so we can call you…” i had hoped the

i would like to inquire about the free call center training at sitel baguio.. kindly give me some info about this.. txt me at 09097693441

can i have unique trunkline os sitel

mey daushift na sa Sitel! under Virgin Mobile & T-Mobile Australian Accounts!!! apply na!

i was endorsed here by excelasia, and the initial interview was unique. oneday process dito means 9am to about past 12midnight! duh? b4 final intrview, u hv 2 wait 5 hours!

what kind of exam ang on-line exams nyo?..curious me kc some say ez, some say diff…nu ba?

yeah, i heard dat 2!…but mas dami sabi diff. exams nila!…

do you have a training school here in baguio because i want to train myself to become fluent in English and become good in oral communication.

this is my first job. TSR ako and alam ko malaki bayad pag TSR, pero gulat ako nung 12k lang pla tps 2k allowance, ka-rate ko lng pla CSR duh! pero meju ok kc pioneer acct. OJV site ito! yung sked pa puta 11 hours a day (9hrs plus 2 hrs OT) tapos sa 2 day

dati akong agent d2 TSR.. coach jude ng lexmark account the best!!!! sana maging OM ka..

i want to be part of your company as of now im a call center trainee..when im finish my training i want to wort in your company to enhance my knowledge.here is my email vox.crizie@yahoo.com or 09298883187

Sitel Baguio is the best. It’s not true na walang career path dito. In 2 years time, pag maganda stats mo, sigurado nasa mataas na posisyon ka na…

same here, applied for a non-agent position, took the exam and had the initial interview. sabi sakin nung kausap ko pasado daw ako sa assessment nya, so i should just wait for the call on friday or monday, wala pa din. oh well XD

it’s okay in this company. They will invest on your training and betterment so you can gain all the knowledge you need. they’re very strict when it come to punctuality and tardiness (which is good, so can be attentive and responsible) and all support that you need for enhancement they will give it to you. One thing I’m annoooyed was that they will rapidly transfer you in one account to another to another.. Yeah they have the right to do so but they won’t bother to ask if its okay for the agent to be transfered as they won’t consider any trouble or inconvinience that the agent may have and experience. Everything is a package in this company. Medical coverage, other benifits, Incentives, Allowances, Good training background for call center hopefuls.!

im still with the comany..dito sa ortigas..mas gusto ko to nung Client logic pa kme..when Sitel reigned..iba na..madami din politics msaya din sa floor…

SITEL baguio is one of the best call centers that i know… ou sblay ung sweldo pero the working environment is a one hell of a fun… cool na management especially sa acct. q… if u applied here for the salary, sitel’s not the place for you… but if you want a cool workplace and a fast career advancement, sitel is the place to be…


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  1. 12/11/30

    marami pa kong gustong malaman sa sitel. nag-aaral kasi ako ngayon and i’m willing to stop kung makakasok ako sa sitel ortigas.

  2. ray castro Reply

    masaya ang sitel nung una pero nag resign ako kasi sobra na ang stress sa change ng scheds, they change the scheds agad agad to the point na every night nag babago ang scheds. kahit may sakit ka hindi ka nila pinapayagan umuwi or ma excused btw makukuha mo ang sick leaves mo a year after ka nag stay sa company nila. i had no complains sa salary before pero ive heard from other financial accts na mas malaki magpasweldo sa ibang financial acct. malakas din ang politika jan the only good thing na masasabi ko about sitel is that marami ka makikilala na ahenteng kalog 🙂

  3. michycomitc Reply

    how is the process of application to Sitel? Do
    they also have a versant exam?

  4. Andrie Lee Bianca Albano Reply

    i’ve like to apply to your Bpo company

  5. Erik Nadal Reply

    I started working here in Sitel last May 1, 2015. So far, maganda naman ang experience ko. Nabibile ko ang gusto ko tulad ng J’s , ibat ibang shoes, kumakain sa mga fine dining restaurants, gadgets at ang new car ko. Yes tama sila, maliit ang sahod dito, pero nasa tao yan kung pano mo I-budget ng tama. Medyo stress ang account na napuntahan ko, well sanay naman ako sa stressfull na trabaho. Yes Im from Workforce, kaya talagang stressfull. Kumbaga, I love challenges kaya fit na fit sakin ang Sitel. Napakachallenging ng trabaho. My previous company (Results Manila Inc.)help me, para mahubog ang isang tulad ko na masanay sa stressfull na trabaho. Well, going back to Sitel, madaming nakakatawang mga experience akong nabasa sa mga comments, madaming reklamo, meron pa about schedule (pero indicated sa contract nila na flexible sila sa hours ng schedule), isa pa when they were interviewed by recruitment or manager, sinabi naman yun, yung iba Management and HR sucks daw(wala nalang masabi) at nirerespeto ko parin naman yun kasi wala naman perpektong company. Kung gusto mo ng perpektong company na aayon sa gusto mo, kung ako sayo ikaw mismo magtayo BPO company. Or try mo muna, magnetworking ka para ikaw ang boss, or mag grab o uber driver ka para hawak mo oras mo. Or mag OFW ka, dito for sure mas malaki ang kitaan kesa sa Sitel.

    Lesson: Kung hindi ka na masaya sa trabaho mo, madami pang kumpanya dyan. Mamile ka nalang.

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