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Smiles on Demand Outsourcing

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Smiles on Demand Outsourcing is a BPO firm that makes every contact with customers count. Established in Negros Oriental in 2012, it primarily delivers Customer contact Service tailor fit to client needs that exceeds expectations and bolsters the bottom line. This included customer service before, during and after sales transactions by phone, live chat, email, SMS, social media, Inbound, outbound or blended, Target-driven, proactive, prepared, development of existing teams that are Smiles Managed or Client Managed. Smiles on Demand Philippines also provides online marketing services through sales support adds that brings tremendous value to client offerings, builds brand loyalty and repeat business. And since the customer experience should never ends with a sale, it also offers after sales service.

In the age of information technology where practically everything is operated using a computer, Smiles on Demand Outsourcing offers helpdesk and technical support. It facilitates these services in a flexible, tiered approach to support. It owns the software for better knowledge, set metrics, goals and targets and permits remote or local product training of agents to give effective support. To achieve quality services, Smiles on Demand Philippines hires agents who are professionals in specific fields and areas where the company services are delivered which included IT Professionals for tech support, Nurses and other medical professionals for the healthcare industry, accountants and other finance professionals for business processes, architects and Engineers in engineering and manufacturing industries and paralegals for the legal industry.

Aside from service with a smile, what sets Smiles on Demand Outsourcing from other rivals is its cost. Paying a higher price doesn’t always mean better performance. Instead, it believes that the bulk expenditure should go directly to the agents that deliver your services, not to high rents, inflated overheads and large marketing budgets. It also found a way to further reduce its costs by establishing its office in the provinces where lifestyles are lower and agents are allowed to stay with their families. Apart from its cost, the company has become the most preferred outsourcing company because of its Fully Managed Service, Experienced and Happy Agents, Astonishingly Good Value, Proven Technologies, Reliable Infrastructure and Flexible, Customizable, Scalable services.

Smiles On Demand Outsourcing call center office location:

  • Smiles On Demand Negros
    M.L. Quezon Street
    6214 Guihulngan City
    Negros Oriental, Philippines

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