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SMS Philippines Health Care Solutions

SMS Philippines Health Care Solutions Inc. (SMS PH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the leading healthcare information organization company in Japan. It was set up in November 2014 and is involved in consultancy services in healthcare as well as in health information technology, and also information infrastructure provision for the following:
– Healthcare related business providers like hospitals, clinics, medical school, nursing homes and pharmaceutical companies
– Healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, caregivers and pharmacists
– End-users or the general public

When Japan’s long-term care insurance was just beginning in 2003, SMS was set up. The company initially specialized on nursing care, and finally expanded its reach to the medical care, healthcare and senior life segments. It launched more than 40 services along the way. Accordingly, the company has continued to grow and increase its profits and revenue ever since it was established. Soon thereafter, the needs in medical and nursing care will be expanding as the number of population of seniors in Japan continues to increase, and the standards of living improves around the world.

Pinoy MD Jobs – SMS PH provides a website portal for doctors, medical jobs, and medical employers. The company offers free community connections between the doctors which can be of great use in acquiring and disseminating new information and even recruitment.

Medical Ads – SMS PH has over 5000partner clinics in Metro Manila and is still growing constantly. The company’s principal objective is to lead and connect businesses to consumers via the its medical space advertising.

SMS PH is dedicated in introducing a brand new concept of marketing for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and all other various industries making the most out of value added service.

SMS PH also has prevalent access to medical professionals that includes doctors, nurses, nursing care givers, pharmacist among others. The company strives to continue its effort in establishing an environment where healthcare information can be transferred and reach every single individual in need. SMS PH guarantees in continuing to create and develop services that recognize the lively well being of all individuals that are engaged to Nursing Care, Medical Care, Career, Healthcare and Senior Life Segments in order to achieve the company’s mission, that is to build an information infrastructure of an aging society.

The SMS Philippines Healthcare Solutions call center office address:

  • SMS PH Makati
    29/F Chatham House Condominium
    V.A. Rufino Street
    Makati City, Philippines

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