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Snapworx BPO Solutions Scam

Posted on August 27, 2020 | No Comments on Snapworx BPO Solutions Scam

Snapworx BPO Solutions pertains to a scam business in the Philippines. The illegal Snapworx BPO Solutions is a non-existent company which scams people by contacting potential victims via email or sms informing them that they have been selected qualified for potential homebased or online employment. Due to the nature of employment, all interviews and interaction will be done virtual or online. The company would then ask the prospective victim to deposit a certain amount of money through western union or other remittance center to complete one’s application. All people are forewarned that Snapworx BPO Solutions is a scam.

Snapworx BPO Solutions modus operandi works by posing as a recruitment firm. Each victim will be interviewed via email and will ask you to answer questions and personality exams. They will also ask you to attach a valid ID on your reply. Once the victim replies to the email, the scam business will inform the applicant/victim that they are hired with a compensation of P20,000. The last step is submitting the requirements such as NBI clearance, medical certificate, and a P500 remittance via Western Union to complete the hiring process.

A legit company does not ask a valid ID during the interview process. Your ID can be used as identity theft, as these scammers can use this information on their other ventures. Also, the P500 money remittance should also serve as a warning sign that this is not a legit company.

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