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Sodexo Philippines

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Sodexo started its Philippine operations in 2003 with its frontline services of Benefits and Rewards, and On-Site Services. Its presence in the country has delivered a positive impact, not just to its clients and consumers, but also to its employees.

Sodexo Philippines positions itself uniquely in the services industry. That what makes their brand original and different. It is the only company to integrate a complete offer of innovative services based on over 100 professions.

Also, Sodexo Philippines commits to giving quality of life services which helps its clients business improve their performance, development and progress as it delivers tailored integrated facilities management solutions in various industries such as corporate services, Health Care, Education, and Energy and Resources.

Sodexo Philippines has two services namely:

On-Site Services. Sodexo believes in making people the central focus of organizations and society. It views Quality of Life as a decisive yet largely unexplored factor leading to good performance. Quality of Life is the usual denominator of all its services. Under their focus on quality of life are the following on-site services offered:

– Corporate Services
– Health Care
– Education
– Energy and Resources

Benefits and Rewards Services. It provides access to wide range of services that improve the quality of life of consumers, that is, its employees, partners, and customers. Sodexo helps more than 3,000 companies in the Philippines address some of their strategic challenges to motivate and provide rewards and benefits to their employees, customers, and partners. Here are some of the list of their benefits and rewards services, mostly by issuing gift checks:

– HR Solutions
– Marketing Solutions
– Personal Gifting Solutions
– Christmas Gifting Solutions

Why should you join Sodexo Philippines?
Sodexo is the community of its clients, employees, consumers, and stockholders. It recognizes that the best way to respond to the expectations of everyone is through sustainable and steady growth. Sodexo values more its own employees, and thus, tying them up to their company values which are Service Spirit, Team Spirit, and Spirit of progress.

With its mission of improving the quality of life and contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of the cities, regions, and countries, it empowers its staff to be highly valuable and qualified as part of the labor force. Thus, career and personal growth are taken care of aside from giving its staff competitive compensation and benefits packages. What are you waiting for? Apply at Sodexo Philippines now!

Sodexo Philippines office address:

  • Sodexo Makati
    11/F BA Lepanto Building
    8747 Paseo de Roxas
    Makati City, Philippines

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