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Spark Marketing and Research Services

A spark of Inspiration. Spark Marketing and Research Services is a specialized contact center that particularly caters the publishing industry. Spark Marketing Philippines focuses on collecting the most relevant and accurate information and data that its clients need. Founded in 2005, the company started providing outsourced B2B and B2C market research and survey services especially for the largest biggest publishing firms in US. It help in conducting circulation campaigns for different magazines publications.

With its over 40 years experience in research and controlled circulation industries, the core strength of Spark Marketing and Research Services lies on the dedication and expertise of its people. The company conducts one of the most rigorous selection and recruitment process in the industry in order to obtain only the best and brightest agents to handle the superior services required by its demanding clients. An addition three week training is conducted to further filter the most qualified applicants to man company vacancies.

Spark Marketing and Research Services implements a Spark Performance Management System that maintains professionalism, productivity, efficiency and quality of every agent through performance feedback sessions, goal setting and coaching. It also implements a Customer and Program Management to ensure that each agent comprehensively understands the dynamics of controlled circulation, telesales or survey programs with training, quality control, scripting, technology and reporting.

Finally, Spark Marketing and Research Service implements Cutting Edge Technology that allows clients full control over campaign, scripting with branching, dynamic call list modification, Full digital recording, List performance and penetration, Real-time statistics and graphical reports and Monitoring and Coaching, among others.

Spark Marketing and Research Service is headquartered in Adler Enterprises 8001 Irvine Center Drive, 4th Floor Irvine CA USA.

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