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Spearace Solutions

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Together we can create the future. Spearace Solutions (SSI) is an IT consulting firm and HR solutions business process outsourcing firm that provides ground-breaking and tailor fit spectrum of IT and HR services to improve a company’s productivity and profitability. Constituted by professionals with deep and long years of IT and HR experience, Spearace Solutions can ensure clients with lucrative and flexible solutions to any type of organization. Spearace Philippines mainly delivers services in the field of human resource management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Software Development and Support, Software Quality Assurance and Software Validation, and IT Consulting/Training.

Aiming to be the leader in IT consulting and HR solutions firm in the Asia-Pacific, Spearace Solutions (SSI) also wants to provide the best job opportunities to the passionate individuals and match the best people to the job. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing of Spearace Solutions involves enhancing the hiring process, expanding the pool of quality candidates with verifiable metrics, cost reduction and governmental compliance.

The Software Development and Support of the company involves development, implementation and support of the best and popular software development disciplines and standards. The software Quality Assurance and Software Validation is designed to ensure that companies use the exact software that can meet the needs and challenges of clients. Finally, consultancy and Training involves allowing companies to train its employees to correctly implement and operate software systems, reduce cost of hiring experts and increase productivity of operations through the use of moderns applications. This will also facilitate the growth and career advancement of employees.

Spearace Solutions Philippines call center office location:

  • Spearace Quezon City
    Room 202 Jocfer Building
    Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City
    Tel: +632 3936824/+632 3936825

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