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Spiels for Collections Agents

Collection especially of past debts of clients is one of the most challenging works in a call center company and spiels or scripts will help an agent to correctly approach a customer to successfully establish rapport and relationship which will pave the way to collecting successfully.

Just like any other spiel, spiel for collection starts with a greeting. It is then important that the agent is able to speak directly to the debtor customer. Hence, most collection spiels starts off by asking to speak with the debtor. Note that an agent may be legally held accountable for providing or revealing any information that is given to any other person other than the debtor.

Once that is established or one is able to talk to the debtor customer, the agent should proceed in introducing oneself or the collection agency that one represents. The agent than reminds of the money that the debtor owes and the need for collecting it. The agent should also inform that their conversation is recorded purely for quality assurance and purely for collecting the debt and not for any other hidden purpose.

In making the collection, the choice of words is important to approach the customer as congenial or amiable as possible. Instead of saying debt, one can opt to use unpaid balance or past due amount. Do not simply ask but request the customer to pay debt or balance at their earliest convenience time. Inform the client that the company is open for any required assistance that the customer may need. Finally, always thank the customer for giving one’s attention to the matter.

In talking to the customer, try to be emphatic on the customer who apparently is an uncomfortable position of being unable to pay. This will help the agent to sound and approach more genial. It would also be advisable to take a deep breath and smile before talking, as this will help create a lively and winsome voice that will help customers to respond more generously and kindly. If the customer is not reached, which is often the case for customers who are hiding, include in your spiel the message for a return call.

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