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Starcall 88 BPO

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Guiding you to success. Star Call 88 is a novel and cutting-edge BPO firm based in the Philippines that provide a broad spectrum of services across all business models and markets. Through its services, Starcall 88 Philippines helps client companies reduce cost without compromising quality of service, increase sales and work productivity, attain smooth & rapid transition models with zero social impact, optimize contact center & business outsourcing processes, attain flexibility towards business trends and business continuity solutions, among others.

Starcall 88 BPO is founded by Nerissa Suelto who designed a business model and process that comprised of four simple steps eases macro level management while allowing specific and targeted processes to enhance performance and conversion on a micro level across all departments. The company is composed of a management team of seasoned and expert professionals in international outsourcing and off shoring business.

Star Call 88 Philippines provides an integrated suite of customized solutions that customer acquisition, sales, customer care, retention services and technical services, interactive voice response services for both Inbound and Outbound campaigns, receivables management services as well as other back office support services. At the heart of its services is its staff which is real asset of our company. Starcall 88 BPO maintains a team of naturally talented and intelligent people who treats each client, customer and account as an integral part of their success.

Starcall 88 BPO can be contacted at Tel # : +63 (02) 9418132

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