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Stay Healthy during Night Shift

Health is wealth. If one cannot keep oneself healthy at work, then there is no point of working at all. One should not trade health with the wealth one can earn from work. Instead, one should strive to stay healthy while working. This especially applies to call center employees whose night shift schedule often pose different health and psychological hazards. But there are practical solutions for these problems.

Sleep. The biggest health problem in the night shift of a call center companies is insomnia and fatigue which is basically caused by sleep deprivation. It is mandatory for employees working on a night shift to adjust and learn how to sleep in the day. This means resting at home and momentarily avoiding doing activities during the day like going to the mall, visiting friends, watching TV, or anything that will prevent one from sleeping.

Maintain a good posture. Learning how to sit up straight while at work can prevent neck, shoulder and back pains and other physical stress. It would also be advisable to stand up once in while, stretch your legs and change your position to loosen up your body instead of sitting and staying in single position straight for 8 hours.

Eat. Food is human’s no. 1 source of energy. One should continually nourish oneself by eating properly before going to work as well as during breaks at work.

Drink Water. One needs to drink water to keep the throat moistened to prevent voice problems for talking constantly.

Rest your eyes. Eye strain is one of the most neglected health hazards in working at night. One can minimize and avoid this by resting your eyes by closing it once in a while or glazing elsewhere other than one’s computer time and time again.

Avoid bad habits. Many call center agents succumbed to bad habits like drinking too much coffee, smoking or drinking alcohol to fight off sleep or stress. These habits may help to fight off sleep momentarily but are apparently bad for the health in the long run.

Think about happy thoughts. Focus on the positive side to avoid stress. You have a job, you earn money, you get to support your family well, you are being productive, you are helping other people and you find meaning and fulfillment in life in doing all these things. Without a job and nothing to do, one becomes dull, useless, irrelevant, directionless and meaningless.

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