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How to Stay Healthy?

Posted on November 24, 2015 | No Comments on How to Stay Healthy?

The call center industry is known to be one of the most stressful job. In 9 hours a day and in 5 days a week, the call center agent is expected to be awake every night, manage their emotions when handling difficult customers, which would lead to stress, and works under pressure when the management requires to do so. No wonder why call center agents easily got sick. To avoid such circumstance, make sure that you keep yourself in an excellent condition, and below are some helpful tips on how to stay healthy.

Six to eight hours of sleep. It takes time to for the body to adjust in time and working in a nocturnal shift is the most challenging part of being a call center agent. Just imagine yourself working at night for more than a year. If you know that you are in a graveyard shift, always make sure that you have six to eight hours of sleep before going to work. Adjust your body clock and provide yourself a comfortable place where you can sleep without too much light nor too much noise.

Exercise. Finding time to exercise could be so difficult for a call center agent who is working in a nocturnal shift. Who would like to exercise when you come home at eight in the morning? Frankly speaking, call center agents do have a sedentary lifestyle. They sit 9 hours a day in front of a computer, and sometimes, if the company would allow, a stock of food is always on standby right next to their computers. Now, to get rid of those toxins, make sure to have at least 30 minutes for a daily exercise. It could be before you go to sleep or right after when you wake up. A 5-minute planking will work as it allows the upper and lower extremities to exert strength or enroll yourself for a salary-deducted gym or velocity activities.

Always eat at the right time. Being awake at night makes the metabolism faster. If you notice, you get easily hungry when you are awake at night. In this case, you still have to eat three times a day with snacks in between. Always set a time for your breakfast, lunch or dinner during your shift at night while keeping an 8 hours straight sleep in the morning.

Re-hydration. Call center agents are expected to talk 9 hours a day. In addition, the office is always set up with a very cold air condition, which usually leads to dehydration. To avoid such event, make sure that you keep a mug right next to you filled with water for re-hydration.

Stress-free. A call center agent has a very stressful job. If you feel like the company is moving into a fast-forward phase, or you have encountered difficult customers, don’t involve yourself too much about it. Take time to have a break, but make sure not to release your stress with a bottle of beer or with a dozen of sticks of cigarette. Find time to let go of the stress in a healthy way like exercise, vacation, going out with friends or spending time with your family.

Always keep in mind that whatever happened in the office should be left in the company premises, and always give yourself a break as often as you can.

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