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Staying Healthy while being a Call Center Agent

It is a commonly held belief that being a call center agent meant putting your physical, emotional and social life in danger. This belief does have its grounds due to the numerous cases of call center agents being diagnosed of diseases of not only physical but also of mental nature. This is mainly due to the fact that call center agents are forced to work at awkward times due to client preferences. Furthermore, these cases especially emotional ones, can also be attributed to emotional repression, an imperative thing to do by all call center agents to remain at the client’s good side.

Although these things are inevitable due to the nature of the workplace, there are certain measures you can do to prevent yourself from succumbing to the work.

Eat Healthy. As a call center agent, it is very important to eat nutritious and healthy food like fruits, vegetables etc. These kinds of food give you the needed vitamins and minerals to mitigate all the negative effects caused by work. During break time, do away with junk food, cigarettes and alcohol. These things will only give you temporary escapes from stress. Consuming these continually will have negative effect on your health. Instead, pack healthy snacks like fruits, juices, sandwiches etc. Although this is better said than done, doing it little by little, step by step, will surely do the trick.

Avail of your company’s well-being programs. Due to the rampant cases that have been reported on employee unhealthiness, several companies have established their own well-being programs to keep employees healthy and productive. Well-being programs include a daily work-out regime, a stress-relieving program, emotional counseling and many other health improvement activities. If a company that you are in has something like this, then with no questions asked, avail it. If there is none, don’t hesitate to look for a nearby wellness center, such as a gym for example. Always remember that proper exercise is a good way to maintain one’s health.

Have enough rest. Although your job entails you to work at the wee hours, it does not mean that you should deprive yourself from sleep. Sleeping replenishes all bodily functions especially those involving the brain. Depriving yourself from sleep will keep you from doing your job well and will cause stress levels to heighten, inciting a series of negative physiological effects.

Choose a suitable company. As what they all say, prevention is better than cure. If you are not at all comfortable on working at unorthodox hours due to the reasons stated previously, there are certainly other companies that you can join. You should particularly join companies which cater to clients who are closer to the Philippines in terms of time zones. This is because companies will have their working hours similar to those of normal Filipino companies due to the fact that these clients have more or less similar time to ours.

Even if you are not a call center agent, it is a must to take care of your own health. What use will money be if you would just die trying to earn it? Invest well on your health and watch as you live to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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