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Stellar Global Solutions Philippines

The voice behind the leading international brands of the world, Stellar Global Solutions Philippines is the no. 1 partner in customer relationship management provided no less than the leading experts in the field of CRM. Stellar Global Solutions Philippines is about the people and for the people operating in a three way close partnership with clients, customers and its people.

Stellar Global Solutions Philippines offers a comprehensive range of offshore contact centre outsourcing solutions for your business, including Customer Care, Sales, Help Desk and Collections.

Stellar Philippines is a premium call centre and business process outsourcing provider that operates globally. Because its emphasis on quality as claimed by its customers and not by the company, it approaches a flexible service strategy spanning from trial service to long term management solutions to ensure meeting client requirements.

To ensure quality, Stellar Philippines call center maintains selective growth plans. It currently has centers only in Australia, Canada, UK, the US and the Philippines. Stellar Philippines believes that the delivery of excellent results entails only the most excellent people. With its broad experience in the industry, Stellar Philippines prides itself of developing its own branded solutions in certain industries such as the Stellar Restaurant Solutions and the Stellar Relay. Among the distinguishing awards received by the company is its inclusion to the Great Game of Business Hall of Fame for its Open Book Management (OBM) approach to excellence.

Stellar Philippines is the latest offshore outsourcing branch of Stellar which promised to deliver considerable financial advantage to business without compromised of the quality solution known with the Stellar brand.

This is supplemented by a progressive reporting technology that allows client better understanding of their customers. Experience and expertise gives Stellar Global Solutions Philippines its competitive edge to be the best in the industry, which has gained its renowned image as the most preferred BPO service provider across different industries from telecommunication companies, government, manufacturing companies, retail and health care among others.

Stellar Global Solutions Philippines is located in:

  • Stellar Eastwood City
  • Stellar Cubao
  • Stellar Cabuyao Laguna
    Recruitment Hub
    Bldg 1 LSL Compound Diode St.
    Light Industry and Science Park, Brgy. Diezmo, Cabuyao
    Laguna, Philippines
  • Stellar Clark
    Recruitment Hub
    iQuick Access Internet Cafe
    SM City Clark, Pampanga

For career opportunities, visit Stellar Philippines Job Openings


Trina says: RECRUITMENT >time-consuming and difficult because of so many tests – as for me I’m quite poor in Math and they DO have math tests that discourage you from using a calculator beat that! LOL but I got in anyway TRAINING >mediocre; although the trainers were nice, I give it to them due to their hardwork OPERATIONS >is just ok, it’s just like any other call center PERKS >nothing much but this company is very organic; relationships are rather more personal with a professional touch… just like a family 🙂

do they have a phone number?

im originally from apac, which is near stellar. the rumor for the IP RELAY acct is true & very tempting since its above average for a basic pay.

ok naman ung pay, nakukuha ko naman sa tamang oras at sakto ang amount. 300 a day ung training allowance ko for soft skills training kasi i PASSED the assessment (100 a day sa hindi papasa ng basic training na good for 2 weeks). there’s definitely no room for improvement.

been here for almost 3 months. madali lang ung job. kelangan lang disiplina at tiyaga. high-paying pa. walang power-tripping sa IP relay! sobrang galing at bait pa ni dave, ung trainor 🙂

how much ang starting pay?

will apply next week, good luck to us!

i’ve been working as an IP relay operator for 5 months now. 300/day for SST NOT 100/day. THEY GIVE SALARIES ON TIME!

yung supervisor na si JONATHAN DOMO THE BEST!super bait to the max.magaling pa humawak ng tao.mapalad mapupunta sa kanya.ip relay.

PST Pau Dilo is very considerate and hardworking. He makes sure he does everything he can to help you pass through test bed. Thaks Pau! 😉

i’ve been in stellar for 1 mo and 2 weeks pa lang. i dunno what’s with the first few people here who said nothing but negative comments against it. I’ve heard enough about ACS being “Always Cutting Salary”, but with Stellar, i beg to differ.

I’m working as a call evaluator here in ACS and I’m planning to apply as an IP relay operator because of the salary.

it’s actually an easy job and they pay us on time…matagal lang talaga final interview hay

in every company and job..wala namang easy..you just have to work hard =) stellar is good including the people..it’s a very rewarding job if you get to know it better..even if i am just a trainee..i appreciate a lot how it works and manage its trainees..

anong benefits dito? aside from 23k basic, me allowance and health insurance ba

well..if you are an agent na, you will say good things about the company..people who bad mouth it are those who failed..true isnt it? 100/hour for the 1st stage of the training..1 got 1k from that..the 2nd stage will pay you 300/day with a free meal..got

I am planing to drop by to apply tommorow, i am hoping things to go well. I have read the stuff below mukang marami na galit so much violent reactions ah. Give me some tips guy’s please? how does it work in the company? Does it take 6 months to get regula

hey, guys stop badmouthing stellar porket di kayo nakapasa. it’s great here. lagi ka naka-offline pero may bayad ka. konting tiyaga lang. promise, it’s worth. ang dali lang ng job description. been here 3 months and planning to stay.

i’m really curious about the company. i’m gonna try it 1st to see the real deal.

ok naman dito. i guess in every company may mamimintas kung di na-attain ang “ambitions.” here, the management are warm, approachable and pro-agents. benefits are starting to look rosy.

I agree, TM JOJO DOMO is one of the best as well as TM ALDRIN TABIANAN. yeah, the salary is nice pero marami discrepancies sa schedule (every week iba iba ang schedule na nagrarange from morning to late GY) and discrepancies sa pay na minsan ikaw na an

I trained last year, but i failed to move to 2nd level. Recruitment process is slow, true, but you’re lookin for a job so you have to be patient. Sa panahon ngaun, wag maarte. Im planning to try applying again for ip, possible? Paging hr!!!

Hi! I’m currently employed now in a BPO industry also but I’m planning to apply in STELLAR. I’ve heard they are one of those high paying companies here in the Phils., that’s why I’m interested and I also have a Team Lead friend in IP relay program her nam

Ok naman mag work dito. Been here for 5 months. I think they are hiring again for the IP Relay program. Training starts on Nov 24th. For interested applicants, you can walk in and submit your resume. If you are really a good candidate, you will get the of

the ip relay acct is a good acct…i m ending my 6 months but sad to day i m not for regualrization..the work is very simple but the QA scoring is very delicate…you type onw woed that doesn t even change the meaning of the message you get a 50% already.

I am presently training here at Stellar for FS, and i find the training very comprehensive and extensive, and it will definitely enhance your communication and typing skills. Our trainor Gino is a very good trainor,and i would like to commend him for bein

Stellar Global Solutions Philippines is now hiring for the following positions: 1. Operations Manager* 2. Client Services Manager* 3. Transition / Implementation Manager* 4. Workforce Manager* 5. IP Relay Operators 6. Customer Service Representati

can anyone answer my inquiry? is the work sked of IP relay operator permanent on the night shift or is it rotational?

I’ve been in DA here for more than a year. I think they pay enough kasi ang dali lng nmn noh mgbibigay k lng ng number tpos minsan log-out k lng bayad k n hehehe, the environment is good (people are super friendly)… its just that wala lng maxadong incentivds

i just applied at Stellar this monday and got accepted on that day! started at 9:45am and ended at 4:00pm and im going to start this Feb. na. Ang bilis nila mag hire JUST AS LONG AS YOU ARE COMPETENT. basic is so high.

I am in australia and i work for stellar and i just want to know do yous get treated well over there.. i get paid $40k oz dollars… Just want to know if yous get treated well over there thats all… could you reply in english please.. thank you Josh

i’ve been with stellar for about 1 year and 5 months… stellar gives opportunity for those who want a career growth specially for those who aspire to be team leads…

MOMMY MELA.. you rock! having you as our TM… makes stellar outstanding… keep up the good job…

of course they would be very picky sa ipapasa nila. They make sure na ung 23k basic ay worth it sa service na ibibigay ng mga applicants to be employees. Kung kayo ang merong sariling kumpanya or kayo ang nasa position ng matataas na nagpapasa at nagiinte

Hi, i am invited for an interview now but i am so far sa Manila, so i preferred a phone interview. Natanggap lang ako through JobStreet sa position na IP relay operator… I hope makapasok ako.

Piece of advise, whatever the company is, be greatful so you will be rewarded. Hindi natutulog ang Diyos noh, when you fail, try again, but dont backfight. Once you’ve been a part of the company, pasalamat ka, may karma yan

do u have dayshift jobs here?,..how much is the basic salary?, plz reply,..tnx!!

maganda naman ang stellar ah

i got accepted in stellar last feb as a DA agent. but, 1st wk of PST, tanggal na ko since i failed d exam. talagang nalungkot ako, kasi i really wanted to work there that bad. tapos ngayon, balita ko, konti na lang ang natira sa wave ko (wave 8)- unti unt

It’s not a perfect company and I can say that they are also not rich. What makes them POSITIVELY different? The VALUES and the PEOPLE. Rating it as 4 kahit resigned na ako. I moved to another company but I have to be honest that I did it because of the pa

i actually wanted to be an IP relay operator.. how many wpm? 23k is ok..is there any other benefits? like allowance?

Lahat ng call center mabagal talaga process. wag n kayo mgreklamo sa 6 hours waiting s final interview kase sa SITEL sa may ortigas 24 hrs k magiintay pero 1 day process un. ung huli sa sahod, talagang ganun. kahit san call center, kahit sa CONVERGYS

please post a PHONE NUMBER. i’ve been waiting for stellar’s call… i couldn’t even call them to inquire. thanks.

I strongly believed that Stellar is a good company. Their attention to quality of service to the people are all things I believe in. No Offense meant to others, but If we don’t have anything positive to say, let’s just keep our mouth shut. God is so good to make our dreams come true in his own time. Maybe if we failed, let’s just think that it’s really not meant for us, or we need to improve ourselves more:)

may medical ba sa stellar? pls. reply

I have been an IP Relay agent for almost 2 years now. I was with SMART as a customer service for 3 years prior to working here…Now tell me do you think somebody from SMART would stay in Stellar for this long if the company is not good? Sure it has its not so good part but the good part outweighs that and no I haven’t forgotten how to speak proper english. The people? Same like all the other places on earth, some you like, some you don’t. But so what? are you coming in here to work or to make friends or enemies? Think people.

stellar… may medical, dental, obm bonus, outings, parties. ip relay ako. may offline at vto. pinakamadali at pinakamahirap na trabaho. 60 wpm. excellent english. multi tasking.

never na-late ang pay. minsan maaga pa nga.

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  1. gia dela fuente Reply

    magkakaroon nga ba ng new site dito sa clark pampanga? if yes, saan dito? baka naman recruitment lang ang dito tapos sa manila din madedestino?

  2. pia marina yap Reply

    pwede po ba malaman kung may Makati site ang stellar? we’re planning to apply.. sana nga po meron pa s Makati..na try ko po noon mag apply sa stellar cubao, I passed the final interview so job offer na po ako, it just so happen na pregnant po ako by that tym..kya sbi ng recruitement, after ko nlng po cguro manganak mag apply ako ulit, delikado po daw kc s buntis..I understand and appreciate naman ung sinabi nila..hindi nga lang ako nkabalik after ko manganak..sana may site din ang stellar s Makati.thanks!

  3. julius john bahia Reply

    hayyyyzzz this is one of the best callcenter w above average compensaton package…. I just signed the J.O and wow it’s 18,000 non taxablla + profit sharing at blita q pa no disputes lagi maaga pay. at guess what my 1500 bunos monthly and free mail (during training) the site is also friendly no power tripper and 5star hotel like design like it:)

  4. Jam Kyot Reply

    hi sa mga nakapag apply na sa stellar cubao may call simulation ba sila?

  5. raisen Reply

    Hi, ive been hired yesterday, then J.O next week, for airline account, is it true during training, training allowance? Hindi pa mismong basic plus allowance? Please answer thanks

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