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Stepping Up The Career Ladder

Posted on February 28, 2022 | No Comments on Stepping Up The Career Ladder

So, you have been in that call center company for years. You’ve always been hitting the targets that the clients want agents to meet, maybe even more. Your yearly appraisals are all excellent. Being an agent, maybe it’s time for you to step up the ladder and think about your career path in that industry known so well for diversity and rapid career growth.

Team Leader. If you are fond of handling people, providing inputs and creating action plans, then this post is for you. As a team leader, you will be handling the entire team of agents, guide them on how to be the best they can be, and even the person in charge to give advices if one if them wants to step up the corporate ladder. Though you will also be in charged of your agents’ misdemeanors, seeing them in glory as they hit your monthly targets can be rewarding.

Quality Assurance Specialist. In this post, you will be listening and evaluating calls of the agents, either live or recorded. This job requires extensive knowledge of the call flow, as well as the clients’ specifications, products and services. If you have been hitting a hundred percent in your quality assurance evaluation as an agent, then you can certainly apply for this post.

Product Trainer. If you apply and succeed to land on this post, you will be responsible for the training of new-hire agents. Like quality assurance specialist, extensive knowledge of the clients’ specifications, products and services is a must. Another qualification is that, you have to have that excellent english communication skills, far beyond the average skill that an agent usually have. This is an important and a crucial role, because whatever you say to the new-hires will stick with them.

Voice and Accent Trainer. From the job title itself, the obvious qualification is your excellent english communication skills. In this job, you will be responsible for polishing the grammar and english pronunciation of the new-hire agents before they train for product kowledge. It helpd if you already have that so called “American accent”, which can be acquired in years of talking to the Americans over the phone. But unlike the product trainer, you don’t have to have extensive product knowledge (though some accounts require it). Just make sure you have extensive experience of using in, on and at properly.

Have you decided which post are you going to apply for? Go ahead and take a leap. It never hurts to aspire for the better.

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