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Filipinos are now becoming innovative and creative especially in the advent of technology. Peter Cauton and Paolo dela Fuente are the two co-founders of STORM Benefits. It is a combination of Human Resource (HR) and E-commerce or an online market place. Basically, the company offers flexible benefits for companies’ employees by converting their Leaves and other Benefit Packages such as reimbursements to a flexible benefits that employees want such as getting vacation packages, gadgets and accessories, and many more.

With its tagline “Better Benefits, Better Lives.”, STORM Benefits has flourished into a good information technology company, Human Resource Consultancy, and E-commerce company all in one. It is an innovative company that suits corporations’ need when it comes to compensation and benefit conversion. STORM Benefits is now the leading provider of flexible benefits in the country.

How does this service work?
Employees, by logging in to STORM platform, can convert their usual benefits such as vacation / sick leaves into flexpoints. Having the flexpoints, employees can now use these points in online Storm Benefit Store, and there, they can enjoy the benefits they want such as travel packages, purchase of gadget and appliances, and etc. It does give employees the power to choose the benefits they need and want. They can now design their own benefits, how they want it and when they need it.

This modernized human resource management approach has helped corporations retain good and hardworking employees. Human resource has budget for compensation and benefits, and the good thing with STORM Benefits is that, they help corporations repackage their employees’ compensations and benefit budget into the kind of benefits that the latter want and need.

Why should you work at STORM Benefits?
There are lots of testimonies from STORM Benefits employees, and some of those are the following:

Flexible time at work. It comes from their CEO’s mouth that they employees are not confined with traditional corporate rules and regulations. The only thing that their CEOs want is the product output out from the creativity of these employees.

Good and healthy culture. They retain their employees by creating a Christian Culture Environment that supports each other.

Good Compensation and Benefit packages. If you have read the above how does this service work, then you might have the idea on what is this all about.

So what are you waiting for? Have those resumes ready, and try sending it to the recruitment staff of STORM Benefits now!

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