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Strategic Back Office Solutions Philippines

Strategic Back Office Solutions Corporation is the former name of Capgemini, a leading global outsourcing company found in England in 1995 and now headquartered in Paris, France provides IT consulting and customer contact services across Europe, North and South America, and the Asia Pacific region. The company originally provided service mainly on the Investment Banking sector but has expanded in 2010 to provide IT and financial services to the healthcare Industry, document management and BPO industries.

Strategic Back Office Solutions Corporation started operations in the Philippines in 2008 with which the company experience significant growth. The company operates to utilize its expertise to benefit its clients through an open collaborative approach and guarantee a sustainable profit and long-term growth. It aim of providing profitable returns to stockholders by balancing employee career development and growth.

Strategic Back Office Solutions Corporation or Capgemini has four services namely consulting, technology, outsourcing and local professional services. Consultancy refers to identifying, framing and implementing transformational projects that will grow business or create competitive advantage. Technology Services refers to the identification, design, development and execution of IT projects including systems integration and software system development. Outsourcing Services refers to a range of call center support services and back office administration services and other processes which help free resources of companies to focus on their core competencies. Finally, Local Professional Services refers to provision of personnel or manpower with the right expertise and experience to provide the needed services of a company at optimal prices. It also included supplying the right equipment, network, engineering and other resources needed by the company for its IT needs. Strategic Back Office Solutions Corporation or Capgemini has a culture that guarantees that quality and expert professionals work with you to attain and implement high quality solutions.

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