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Strategies for Maximizing Agent Performance

To maximize performance and productivity of agents, managers must prevent of minimize factors that can stress an agent and expand the factors that motivate agents to work better. Hereunder are some strategies to maximize performance of call center agents.

Coaching and training employees are the most basic way to maximize their performance. This means identifying both the strengths and weaknesses and finding the appropriate training and coaching to capitalize on the individual strengths and potential of the employee and addressing or correcting their weaknesses. This allows an employee to be more efficient in performing their jobs.

Give incentives and rewards. Rewards and incentives are known to motivate employees to work better. This can be in the form of financial or material rewards such as gifts, recognitions and merit promotions or it can also be as simple as praising an employee for a job well done.

Valuing employees and allowing them to feel needed and important. One of the greatest motivators in life is feeling valued. This provides employees a sense of meaning, importance and fulfillment in life. It gives them a sense of belongingness and direction if they feel that they are able to contribute in company or serve people effectively.

Provide agents room to breathe. While supervision, control and monitoring is important, micro managers tend to suffocate agents with authority. The notion of being observed or watched by the boss is stressful and can get in the way for agents to perform well. On the other hand, giving workers some leniency and limited freedom and authority in the conduct of one’s duties help agents feel trusted. Agents are then encouraged to repay that trust and confidence placed upon him/ her by management by working harder or performing well. However, before giving agents limited authority and freedom, management should be able to clearly communicate and inculcate mission/ vision and everything in between that the company wants to achieve and the agent or employee is required to achieve.

Align management objectives with those of agents. Management must clearly understand the needs and individual objectives of the employees and should endeavor to make sure that the objectives of the company is in parallel with those of the agents. This shared objectives serve as the uniting or adhesive factor that constantly guides an employee to work hard because one gets to understand that fulfilling the company’s mission also means fulfilling their individual objectives.

Engage employees. This means that management should facilitate the participation of agents in decision making. As stakeholders of the company, agents just like any other employee must take part on how or where the company goes. This gives employees a sense of belongingness in the company which is often deemed as an employee’s second family.

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