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Streetdirectory Philippines

Streetdirectory is a company engaged in the development of an online web mapping application and business directory service. It primarily published the Streetdirectory website which allowed users to search for maps and addresses of businesses, products and services including a comprehensive directory a building. It also pioneered in providing a mobile street-directory map. The company has created service maps and businesses of Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Streetdirectory Philippines is the branch in the Philippines that maintains and updates the street directory map for the country.

Streetdirectory was founded by Firdhaus Akber under a Singapore-headquartered Virtual Map. In 2008, it was taken over by JDB Holding, a Hongkong-based PanAsia Digital Media Network company that offers online services such as jobs, service, and business delivery through its subsidiaries JobsDB.com, 88DB.com, Openrice, Cozycot, SGCarMart, Job88, eZYJOB, Openrice, Cozycot, FlowerAdvisor and SgCarmart and politicalarena. Each subsidiary provides a specific service. For instance, JobsDB is a portal where employers can post job openings and prospective applicants search for jobs. Openrice is a portal the provide reviews of the different restaurants and food service companies for foodies and consumers.

Aside from its online directory website, streetdirectory.com, Streetdirectory Pte Ltd also publishes regularly two monthly magazines, the Singapore Home directory magazine and Station map. The former is for property homeowners and real estate investors while the latter provides information about the tourist destinations in Singapore. The company also provides special projects on mapping, geographical information systems and navigation for private companies and government agencies. Moreover, the Streetdirectory also provides GIS Solutions, a planning and analysis software which included the Enterprise GPS Solution, Wallmaps & World Maps, and Enterprise Map API.

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