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Struggles Only Call Center Agents Will Understand

Regular employees usually wait until four o’clock or maybe five o’clock afternoon to leave their office and go home. They keenly look at their watch and wait for the go signal to see their family or friends. But, at this time, a call center agent is on her way to begin another brand new day. It is only the start of her daily tasks. For her, her life starts in the evening. She has no choice but to accept a graveyard shift because it has more incentives and benefits than to a normal schedule. Some people might be happy and satisfied about it; however, most of them feel incomplete despite of the huge return of their sacrifices. I listed some struggles that only call center agents will understand.

Agents tend to be sleepy at work yet they cannot sleep at home. This has been common problems of some call center agents. They seem to not liking their job and sleeping at their desks. They wish to sleep right away; yet, when they are peacefully resting on their beds, it is hard for them to sleep. It is because of the irregular shift that they have. Their body finds it hard to adjust to abrupt changes in their schedule.

They feel unsatisfied because their degree is totally different from this job. Nurses, teachers, or even licensed professionals seek under the umbrella of call center companies. They do this because they do not have a choice. Even if it is not related to what they studied for years, working in call center is what fate has given them. Since it provides them enough money, they stick to it.

Agents are underestimated by people around them. Most of the people nowadays discriminate a call center agent’s job. As if these people know all the struggles that these persons are doing. In fact, it is not easy to be accepted in this field. Lots of processes are needed to be surpassed if one wishes to work in a company. Hence, not everyone can pass this kind of screening.

There are more struggles compared to these, yet, more people are becoming used to dealing with these. If we can only read call center agents’ minds and hearts, we will realize that some of them are really unsatisfied and struggling.

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