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Think Sumo Creative Media

Posted on September 22, 2016 | No Comments on Think Sumo Creative Media

Think Sumo Creative Media is recognized as a creative digital company that is based in the Philippines. One of the company’s main objective is to high end technical, as well as creative solutions that will certainly meet the different requirements of clients and their business coming from different industries. Think Sumo Creative Media’s core capability is digital approach. It provides services to websites, mobile sites, Facebook apps and other social media applications – all of which can potentially help its clients in delivering their marketing messages to the potential customers.

Products and Services
Think Sumo Creative Media provides the following products and services.
– Website design
– Web development
– Web system applications
– Social media applications
– iOS and android applications

How Think Sumo Creative Media Works
To provide a service with an exceptional result, Think Sumo Creative Media follows these guidelines:

Establishing Foundation. Think Sumo Creative Media acknowledges the fact that businesses have different needs. Thus, the company will take the time to understand the clients’ business and study the business’ every aspect. This way. The company would be able to formulate effective techniques.

Design and Development. In this stage, Think Sumo Creative Media create strategies and techniques for the client’s business gain more efficiency.

Testing and Troubleshooting. The company will then teach the clients on how to use and operate the admin tools, and also to get the client ready as well for the turn over. The website will also be tested using different devices to see if it will work on mobile. In addition to that, it will also be checked for bugs and errors and have them fixed immediately.

Launch. In this stage, since the client’s website is all set and ready, the client will then allow it to be available to the public.

Why Work at Think Sumo Creative Media
Think Sumo Creative Media always has the best interest, not only of its clients and business partners, but also of its employees. With the company’s belief in commitment and professionalism, Think Sumo Creative Media can definitely help you in achieving your goals in climbing up that corporate ladder. Furthermore, Think Sumo Creative Media has an impressive portfolio that would want you to be part of its hardworking pool of experts. Here are some of the companies that Think Sumo Creative Media has been working with:
– BBDO Guerrero
– New World Makati Hotel
– Uniqlo
– Chevrolet
– PhilHealth
– Department of Tourism
– Johnson and Johnson

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