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Sunpower Philippines

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AS the world’s standard for Solar power, SunPower is the top manufacturer of highest-efficiency solar cells and solar panels that was incorporated in 1985 but had since been involved in solar technology in the 1970s. The company was conceived with the goal of developing sustainable energy resources for the world by advancing solar energy systems.

Long before sustainable development had become a byword in the business, Sunpower Philippines had always advocated in development of solar power for a global energy mix. With the recent surge for environmental conservation and protection due to the burning of fossil fuels that are fast depleting, the company had once again stepped up in developing high-efficiency solar solutions for consumption of large infrastructure as well as for homes and daily utilities.

Sun Power is the first semiconductor fabricator in the Philippines and has the first large-scale solar cell facility in entire Southeast Asia. It also plays an important role in the Philippines particularly in providing electricity in far flung remote areas where electrical cable is difficult to install. The archipelagic geographical circumstance of the country makes it extra expensive to provide electricity to barrios separated by waters. Sun power Philippines also manufactures the highest-efficiency silicon solar cells and solar panels in the world generating up to 50 percent more power per unit area than other solar technologies. It also creates panel with a unique aesthetic design so as not to disrupt the artistic and visual design of infrastructure where the panels are installed.

Sunpower Philippines also has a call center customer support service that exclusively provides support to Sunpower clients and customers. This contact center provides technical support to both dealers and users for the installation and design phase of photovoltaic cells. It also provides troubleshooting support services in voice and non voice formats. The Sun Power customer support service essentially provides Customer Relations Management reports as well as the management of the company’s CRM database.

Sunpower Philippines call center office address:

  • Sunpower Laguna
    100 East Main Ave., Phase 4
    Special Economic Zone, Laguna Technopark
    Binan Laguna, Philippines

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