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SupportNinja is a company known for its business process outsourcing (BPO) services. The company was founded with a commitment to help innovative entrepreneurs realize their mission of making a brighter future for the world. Support Ninja only delivers success and advancements of companies it seeks to serve.

Customer Support
Frontline Support – Support Ninja is composed of talented professionals who are the true Ninjas when it comes to slicing through inbound issues from the client’s base customers. The personnel uses the client’s existing documentation as well as their knowledge base to develop a complete on boarding guide for the client’s Ninja team.

Welcome Calls – a research was conducted about what it takes to convert trial signups into paying customers and raving fans. It was concluded that if a lead was called within five minutes of them opening the email then the chances of being able to speak with the lead right away is 100 greater than if the lead was called later. Support Ninja does this five-minute window and watch the client’s adoption rate soar high.

Feedback Calls – when there are startups, companies should be calling their users in order to build a relationship with that user and also provides the company some insight into its customer base. Support Ninja can do these calls for its clients inexpensively and can even scale its services as the clients’ demands change.

Customer Upselling – Support Ninja’s ever observant team listens o0n how the users are doing with the client’s applications and thereby offers benefits and discounts which helps increase the client’s company revenue.

Lead Generation Process
– Customer Profile Creation
– Lead Procurement
– Qualified Lead Referral

Email Outreach and Marketing
– Email Sequence Creation
– Follow-Up Campaign
– Feedback Loop Iteration

Content Moderation Capabilities
– Image Moderation
– Abuse Department
– Content Filtering

Back Office Processing Capabilities
– Photo Editing
– Data Entry
– Online Research

Support Ninja offers support for expanding businesses and companies and startups as well. The company’s dedication to an exceptional support only means that the company is also on the lookout for individuals with exceptional skills to employ. The company is constantly in search for talented individuals who are also looking for a great place to work, a friendly and fun atmosphere. Support Ninja is a company that expands rapidly, and also an equal opportunity employer. The company sincerely believes in every member in its team. If one is willing to commit with the company, the company ensures investment for training in advance for education and career growth.

SupportNinja main office location:

  • SupportNinja USA
    1621 E 6th Street #1130
    Austin, Texas
    United States

SupportNinja Philippines call center office address:

  • SupportNinja Clark
    1/F Business Center 10
    Philexcel Business Park
    Clark, Pampanga

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