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Surviving Shifting Schedules

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Surviving shifting schedules is one the common and biggest challenges of employees and agents working in call centers. Most call center agents find themselves working irregular hours in rotating shifts to equally give chance to other agents to have the normal working hours.

There is only one obvious way to survive shifting schedules and that is to adjust to the changes. For instance, if you’re shift change from day to night, this means one needs to sleep during the day and wake up in the night. In order to facilitate sleep during the day, try to make the ambiance of room in sleep mode. Decrease room temperature by turning on air conditioner or use the electric fan. Cover windows with shades to darken the room and simulate a night time condition. Since, there is a great chance of noise to be heard, one can put earplugs to block outside noises. Talk to family members or friends in the house not to disturb you because you need to sleep. Turn off your cell phone or any other appliance that may keep you awake. Try to get some sleep in the day.

Since there is a great chance that one is not able to adjust immediately and get a good day sleep, one can still try to short naps at work during breaks. Make sure though t that this is just a short nap. Ask one of your friends to wake you up incase you get carried away with your nap dreams.

One way to help you adjust with changing sleep patterns is by exercising. Try to exercise during the night while at work by climbing stairs or taking walk. This will wake up through the night and will tire you later which will force you to sleep in the day.

Finally, one of the common mistakes of agents to fight off sleep or to get some sleep is by engaging in vices like drinking too much coffee, smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Instead of engaging in these vices which only provide temporary good mood effects but results to serious health risks in the long run, agents should drink plenty of water instead and eat nutritious food like fruits and vegetables.

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