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SVI Connect

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SVI Connect is the customer support service for all SVI clients providing technical support, customer relations management, and customer service to the users of SVI produced software. With its extensive expertise in systems development, SVI Connect Philippines also extends technical support services to companies utilizing the program applications to developers and companies engaged in software development. SVI Connect customer service agents are not mere agents but technical practitioners themselves that are knowledgeable with technical and systems programming.

Software Ventures International (SVI), is a premier international company providing IT consulting, systems solutions and business and Information Technology services. The company services is essentially classified as software services and business services.

Software Services refers to the development of customized software applications that integrate and address the identified unique needs of the company. SVI believes in achieving differentiation in technology and systems to provide business with competitive edge. A company using standardized software tend to lose its competitive advantage as it become similar with its competitors. With the company’s strong history of creativity and expert developers, SVI is able to develop the most advance and best solutions that a company (including telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceuticals, publishing, media, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and government) requires for improving productivity, reducing costs, and increasing profits.

SVI Connect has expertise in practically all operating system from Unix, Solaris, Novel and Windows, among others, database programming from Oracle, MS SQL and DB2 and the most advanced programming languages including Java, Visual Basic, C/C++, HTML, XML, etc. Business services on the other hand pertains to the systems integration that will automate six key business professional areas including Healthcare, finance, publishing, legal services, network and document management, to free company resources and time from this support functions and allow them to focus on their core operations.

SVI Connect Philippines call center office address:

  • SVI Connect Ortigas
    JMT Corporate Condominium
    ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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