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Sykes Philippines

Posted on September 7, 2017 | 12 Comments on Sykes Philippines

Sykes Philippines specializes in providing excellent customer service, technical support service and support office functions. More than just a company but a family, Sykes Asia Philippines not only focuses on its commitment to its clients but to its people as well as to the community. Sykes Philippines corporate social responsibility particularly in helping underprivileged children gain access to education forms a core part of its operations. Sykes Aisa Philippines supports its people, which it considers as its greatest asset. The best way to serve others is to ensure that the best service also is given to its human service providers.

SYKES Philippines is one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end customer care management solutions – providing CRM solutions for many of the world’s leading global companies.

Sykes Philippines was founded in 1997 by John Sykes as a family-owned corporation through the acquisition of McQeeen LTD. Recognized as a pioneer in the Philippine call center industry, however, Sykes Asia had been the first call center to avail of the Filipino talent in 1977 for international clients. Sykes Philippines continued to make history as it was the first call center to open in Cebu in 2003. After almost two decades of operations in the Philippines, Sykes boast of 14,000 top notch personnel in 8 different centers.

The mission of Sykes Philippines is to provide efficiency and great profitability to its clients by enhancing costumer loyalty through superior customer experience, which only a company committed to people can provide. Sykes Asia envision to be global standard in the industry by framing its services on its 5 PRIDE values namely, professionalism, respect, integrity, dependability and excellence.

As the company known to best take care of its people in the industry, Sykes Philippines is one of the most sought after call center companies in the Philippines by professionals. Sykes Asia provides the most comprehensive compensation package that ensures its people work life family balance and career growth.

Sykes Asia call centers are located in:

For career opportunities, please visit Sykes Philippines Job Openings.


Customer Service Representatives Responsibilities: To provide quality customer service via phone, email and chat. Requirements: College Graduate Excellent Written and Spoken English Skills Experience in Customer Service an … Operations Director Po

The Best Call Center in the Philippines

I cant say anything but EXCELLENT. if you want to experience a fun yet professional working environment, This is the place to be.

With over 16,000 employees worldwide, Sykes is a leader in the provision of global outsourced call center services. Our locations span 23 countries and 5 continents. This, along with our class leading technology, positions Sykes as a genuine global player

Young professionals????

i hope i get accepted here.. i applied here but still no call.. its been a week now.. i was reffered here.. but the process is really slow!!!

nagpunta sila dito sa tacloban… i got passed all exams and interviews… kala makakapagwork na ko pero di pala… tagal kasi nila tumawag… parang wala lang… til now im waiting for their call…

Why are you slow in processing applicatants?

last sept. 25 I took my examination and passed and had my initial and final interview at the same day… it was for MCI account.. my interviewer told me that they will call whether I pass or not.. pero dumaan n ang mga bagyo..

I highly disagree that the application is slow here it depends on your credentials.And it’s true that it’s fun working here you may not notice that it’s pay day again.

based on your experiences, i think this company is worth a try… i just need a little luck if i were to make it accross T_T

i heard this company is accepting OJT’s? if that’s so… then would you kindly our application… if you were indeed the best provider of end-to-end customer care and management solution, then would it be an impressive one if you would start caring for yo

i am sykes!

sykes? or Spykes????

sykes number 1

sykes #1




Sa Sykes: –laging maaga sweldo –daming benefits and allowances –freebies –big time ang mga accounts –astig ang x’mas party, team buildings, etc. –they provide good trainings

sykes might have the best benefits but they don’t have the sense of consciousness in terms of applicants’ emotions which might be a threat. i passed all the exams up to the account manager and even signed somewhat like a contract for a sure job. until it

SYKES is the BEST! to those people saying malicious comments about SyKEs. i pity you! im a Sykeser and i know how they treat their SYksers the BEST!! TEll me? anong call center company ang nagbibigay ng brandnew CAR for xmas party? or an international cru

i love sykes (cebu!) … i had so much FUN! with my experience, i was able to land a job here in emirates airlines, dubai…

Sykes as a company is good but the people from the upper management are not good..

True comment: low salary pero bawing bawi naman sa benefits! as in!!! 😀

way klaro. i passd d hr interview and then had my phone simulation and account interview pero prang ala lang. they told me na tatawag raw cla about the account interview pero until now wala pa rin…

depende nmn sa account yun eh, and depende sa luck mo kung makakapasok ka, kaya dun sa mga hinde nakapasok, better luck next time.. for me its a good company, may mga pasaway lang na HR talaga, but overall sykes

How far will you let me take you?

Global Picnic ng June? Last week pa ng June…..eh di na summer yun ah !!! nagtitipid na sobra Sykes. Ayaw magbayad ng malaki kaya summer outing ng off season. Lets just pray na wlang bagyo ng June.

Basic pay of TL’s is less than 25K. Can u belive that?! Agents in other call centers are earning much higher than TL’s, AS & AM’s of Sykes

ANg baba ng basic pay, kalahati lang sa offer ng ibang callcenter para sa mga 1-2yrs ng call center employee!!!

saan bang company walang politics? if you focus on politics i feel sorry for you maliit mashado mundo mo. sa mga galit sa sykes sa forum na ito double check niyo naman english niyo, please naman ayusin niyo naman magalit at least in correct written english. sa mga hindi natanggap, grow up! kaya kayo di tinggap may attitude problem kayo. yes i admit sykes offers one of the lowest basic salaries but if you took the time to compute it, net income namin reaches 18 to 20k. sadly not all accounts

may appease your personal needs but i hope you guys understand that’s why it’s called work. hindi lahat ng araw puro sarap. If you don’t understand something reason out properly don’t get angry. Thanks!



i am the powerful force behind your boundless steps..i am the light behind your enduring spirit.. i am sykes- taking you further

sana pag nag apply kame dyan ang HR, TL, Sup., QA, WF e sir Ryan Alejandro. Pag nangyare yun the best na ang SYKES ! ! Teamspooksters ROCK! ! !

I started here in SYKES 2004 as a Tech support then promoted as a QAC after 10 months, Trainer after 15 Months, and a Team Manager after 2 years. Probably the best company I ever worked with. #1 call center in the Philippines since 2005. AT&T WorldNet

sir ryan alejandro miss ka na nmin sna mas mhaba pa ung training natin-TEAM SPOOKSTERS!!!!

Sykes is the best. basic is low but benefits is an asset. ito lang masasabi ko di nyo pa ntry sa sykes kaya di nyo alam un difference sa ibang company. 18k basic ko nun sa ACS for verizon account 7k plus lang per cut off. tas sa sykes 12k lang basic pero 9k plus per cut off. apply na galingan nyo na lang. astig benefits dito. I am Sykes!

I worked for them for about nine months and they always deducted for SSS/Pag-Ibig, etc., but they never made any contributions to these things!!! I checked with SSS and in 9 months’

MSN was a great account to work with, but Sykes HR and support services really are terrible. Maybe that’s why MSN pulled out…Hmmm

pwede ireklamo s sss yan. inquire ka sss. saka pwede ipahabol sa pag-ibig yang sykes na na yan…yikes

For those people who really can’t fathom being nixed by the SYKES HR..please guys accept the fact, like what I did.. It’s not the end of the world… Be professional…Do something that could improve your English proficiency, it’s not too late…..

hey! may recruitment b ang sykes d2 sa dvo? kht recruitment lng?

actually mukang ok kaya lng para s HR be sensitive naman. kc nkakaawa naman yung ibng applicnts na sinabihan ng YOU can now stand up and step out of the door!. Promise i’m up for the final interview via phone and good luck sa akin!

Ang ganda ng bagong office nyo sa quezon ave! Friendly mga tao at approachable. Hinde tulad sa iba na kala mo kung cno, The best hr c Ms. Gabrielle!

I have worked for Sykes for 5 years and I decided to resign because of the politics when it comes to promoting its employees (I thought this only happens in our government). Anyways, after staying with the company that long, how much do I get for my final

Ameriprise people has the right to brag. Besides, we’ve produced a lot of Series 6,7. 24 and 63 license-holders. We read the Business Section of newspaper, look at stock, mutual funds and bond quotes, and we even watch Bloomberg Television.

Ameriprise naman talaga pinakamagaling na account. Kaya lang medyo mapulitika ang Management. Imagine, yung isang TL napromote to AM dahil nag-organize lang ng townhall meeting.

Magaling Brokerage and MPT agents ng Ameriprise Financial. They generate most of the account income and yet management to recognize their performance. In fact, Ameriprise peeps in MN almost pulled out of SYKES but thanks to the BRKG and MPT workstream Acc


why would i stay with a company for almost 17 mos and plan to stay longer… simply because i love sykes… the best in incentives and commissions…mci-ips is still the best.. I AM SYKES

let me just reiterate that there are only two call center here in the philippines. 1. SYKES 2. and THE REST!!! HHAHAHA. no one can beat SYKES!!!!

sykes- number one!!!!!

I agree SYKES is the best, I have been an OJT of SYKES for 7 months and the people where friendly, great and they treat me like a real employee. yun ng a lng mga palamura, prang wlang pinagaralan. ganun ba tlga mga tiga call center??? kya nga after grad k

Honey Clay Dagbusan- the best English Officer there is! Not to mention the fact that she’s really cute and smart…i love you Clay!!!

Emerson Ridge Tool- the best account in Sykes….from the clients down to the AS and agents….they’re all great! Hardworking and truly an integral part of Sykes!!! Cheers to this account!

Sykes- 10 years and still leading..there’s only SYKES and…… OTHERS 🙂

sykes is a good call center company, it gives you the best career.

Sykes na!!!

Sykes is the BEST!!!

oi help naman!!! gusto kong mag work sa sykes panu ba hahaha, i want to earn money just to finance my studies!!!help how to apply…

Expedia sykes lampaso sa peoplesupport! hahaha

i’m from ascendasia… and i wish to be there (SYKES) kase feel ko tlga ung saya nila… pramis khit d q cla kilala… lam mu un, bsta un na un… mgkno basic jan? per cut off ko kase dito 9thou lng… kayu?

When i woke up early in the morning harap agad ako pc ko.. alas 3 ng hapon me tawag ako galing sykes.. galing ang bilis.. interview bukas..sana pumasa ako… saan ba main ng sykes sa CEBU>>??

Kailangan po ba talaga ng college grad? Paano po yun kasi undergrad me.

lipat na lang kayo sa teletech. mas maganda!


I think every callcenter has it’s good and bad sides, SYKES had been in the industry for a decade now and is still providing quality service to it’s employees. All callcenters have the same working pattern, so let’s not be subjective, if this is done to

natapos ko lahat ng exams & interviews after the final exam & interview “YOU’RE HIRED!! *sarap pakinggan* “just wait for HR to call you for the job offer” after that i never heard from SYKES again. Okay lang.. no regrets.. buti nga inde na sila tumawag..

the best pa din ang sykes!!!!


i belong to another call center co. when i get irate callers and they tell me that they already called earlier but the agent hung up on them, doesn’t know what he/she is doing, can’t understand their concern, can’t speak english, clearly, what i do is ch

Imagine going out of the country 2x a year just to attend a meeting/training, and you’re just an agent… This is Sykes.

i do work for sykes still im here kahit contractual lng ako nafefeel ko naman ang kahalagahan ko as an agent.. aun masaya naman ako… nagtataka lang ako bakit may naninira pa alam niyo kasi kung gusto niyo malaking sahod pinaghihiraqpan yan hindi ung pur

I started here in SYKES 2004 as a Tech support then promoted as a QAC after 10 months, Trainer after 15 Months, and a Team Manager after 2 years. Probably the best company I ever worked with. #1 call center in the Philippines since 2005. AT&T WorldNet

Sykes gave me the opportunity to develop and grow. Basic pay me low but the benefits rocks! So far I am happy with the company. 3yrs with the company and counting…=)

Sykes hs a low starting basic slary but bilis mg increase.Di labanan ng basic to.Its d bnefits.Dont u get it?pg mtaas basic mtaas din tax.& most benefits r nontaxable.So ano larger take home pay?Di ba low basic and high bnefits than high basic and low be

whew!! star na ko dis feb. 25.. SYKES CEBU 🙂 congrats to me! heheheh

Hello! I’m working in Sykes Cebu. Started my training last November. Wala akong narecieve na signing bonus as sykes put it in thier ad. Totoo ba talagang may signing bonus na 20k??

maganda ba sa sykes? anu na nga ulit ung nangyari sa mga agents ng MSN after mag pull out nung account? tsk..tsk..tsk

one of the best and big company ever in the history of outsourcing nice package, nice compensation, a fun environment to work with.. ASTIG!! I am SYKES TAKING YOU FURTHER!!

ok dito. ok yung mga tao. Crush ko English teacher ko.Cute. Ms. Honey Darlene Dagbusan, are you still single?

for those who are waiting for the employer’s call, syempre naman, kapag hindi ka tinawagan eh di hindi ka tanggap. common sense

Sykes Asia!!! Number One!!

I’ve been from 3 dif Call Centers. Cybercity(Pampanga)Sykes Asia (Makati)Sutherland Global Services (Pampanga). Currently working in Sutherland Global Services_pampanga, 9 mos now. I miss Sykes Asia so much! I still consider myself a Sykeser!

I was interviewed and endorsed for exam. Gladly I passed it however after so many weeks of waiting for my final interview schedule I was told that I didn’t pass the initial interview. I moved and passed the next level w/o passing the initial interview. t

SYKES is one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end customer care management solutions – providing CRM solutions for many of the world’s leading global companies. ALLTEL FAMILY -gerald -ash -joyce -irene -gab -jasmine -micah -ace -mel

Sykes. The new policy for noobs, 6 months cotractual and then 6 months probi… you will never know your future after 1 year. I

A good call center with good benefits. If you are applying for a non-CSR position here, they would make you wait for more than 4 weeks.

Sykes may offer low basic but they have the best benefits to give. To those who didn’t make it in SYKES, worry not coz they still give a chance after few months. That means they don’t intend anything bad like you guys don’t ever belong o SYKES. Ive been w

I didn’t understand the HR Process thing in here.. but i’m now working in SYKES.. so good so far.. ok lang kahit mababa ang starting atleast i have work na hindi minimum. and i like all the benefits. I love the training. Ang bilis ng process ng hiring kay


more than a year na ako sa Sykes, sarap buhay dito! eh ano kung mababa basic, liit naman tax no! at dai pa allowances, pati benefits! sa ibang call centers para kang papatayin sa trabaho!

nagpo-process ba ng applicatioon sa lahat ng branches?

i’ve been wanting to work at sykes. so bad, but am not mad at them.maybe there are far way better than i. i had an intervw yesterday via phone. at the end of the interview, the interviewer bluntly said that the account responsible for my position will be

bigyan ko ng 5 rating kasi magaganda tao hahah!! i wasn’t hired in SYKES when i graduated college. but i was hired by EMERSON.. buti na lang hehehe. overqualified daw ako for them heheh! so ayun =P. nga pala may magandang manager sa SYKES yung matangkad n

Ok naman sa Dito, Salary, so so lang.. sayang di ako nakasama sa Summer Picnic kasi me sched daw ako.

SYKES rocks! lalo na ang OLYMPUS ACCT kahit di ganun kaganda ang base masaya parin!


i just signed a contract on sykes yesterday. the salary is good there are allot of allowance and benefits. i will start as a trainee on aug 4…

one of the best agent is here now in sykes..good job john mitchell alcantara of expedia.com ..asa sykes sunnymede

So far, I heard enough or Sykes. My sister once work there and she was offered a higher position after 1 wk. They look on personality and potential. Unlike IBM Daksh, kung may ka frat ka sa loob promoted kang TL kahit alang alam sa people management.

sykes is number 1.as a matter of fact only 1…


i’m still choosing between sykes and cvg… gano kaganda ang mga benefits nila? mganda rin kaya ang expedia or comcast? hmmm….

i’m working with cvg for almost 2 years now and my wife just started with sykes(no exp). my base pay is Php6k more than my wife’s base pay. during pay days, we earn almost the same amount of money. SYKES>cvg

pde nb mag apply sa Sunnymede site? or sa OSMA prin?, saan mas malaki chances ma hire?..plz reply asap! tnx!

Sykes is the best company to work in. yeah it’s true na mababa ang basic but the benefits are really great!!! there’s no way that i’d look for another company!!! i get P8500 per cut off to think that i have a low basic salary!! =p and there are so many

me ups and down talga.sykes cebu rocks.pag puro give lang ang company bka magsara o kaya bilhin ng ibang company and sykes never have a debt.business to.tanungin nyo sarili nyo ano ba ang naibigay nyo sa company din.being irate guro.lolz.wake up sa mga bi

okey din pala dito sykes, nung nag apply ako i kinda hesitant na pirmahan yung contract kasi nga mababa yung basic nila 12k lang.. pero mali pala.. kasi im getting 7+ per cut-off deducted na dun yung mga taxes and everything.. dami kasi benefits sykes! SY

I missed working in sykes!!! masaya sa MSN!!! lao pag wala mails!!! hahaha

masaya sa sykes!!!

anu2x tech.acct. sa Sunnymead?, KODAK lang ba?…

i used to w/ sykes, ok nman sya b4, pero parang ayoko na bumalik panget na daw kc sabi ng mga teamates ko b4, wats hapening to sykes? sad..

OK Sykes kahit mababa basic, dami nman benefits. Wag ka lang mapupunta sa OFFICE DEPOT! lakas magtanggal ng tao. About a month ago more than 20 agents natanggal. Kawawa nman. Dami din awol. Ka disappoint yung ibang officers.

Miss ko na Sykes SITC!!!

ayaw ka lang siguro pabalikin ng mga team mates mo aw

is there any call center that actually accepts HS grad? damn, im havin’ a hard time finding one 😐

Sykes HR are great. My application process here was way too fast – I mean, I applied on wednesday, passed all the interview and exams and on the next day I’m signing my contract. To the people who are unfortunate to have a contract its either they’re inep

the best company na napasukan ko. fun in the workplace talaga

sa napuntahan kong account hindi ma-ere mga tao. di ako umaabsent kase ang saya. boring minsan pero ok lang yun kesa naman mabugbog sa dami ng trabaho *petix* dito

what qualification does the HR have to qualify applicants? Are they qualified themselves?

I’ve been with SYKES for nearly years now. Compare with the 3 call centers I’ve work with, so far this is the best. Promotion is really fast if you’re really deserving. Yearly appraisal, tech allowance, benefits, the best! Other call centers may offer you

please i really want to work in this company

Sykes is one of the best company, great people, only the Client and the security sucks and makes the agent’s life miserable.. I came from a tech support accnt. it was the best working experience ever.. If I will be given a chance to go back, I will..

the best company i ever worked with!

“kay tagal mo mang nawala babalik ka rin, babalik ka rin” knta para sa mga nagnanais bumalik dito. Tara na!


let me just reiterate that there are only two call centers here in the philippines. 1. SYKES 2. AND THE REST

i encourage and influence, i outperform and overcome. I take the first step and others follow. I AM SYKES

basta ako masaya dito!

best team lead…. Ken Aguilar of MCI and Geeboy Gelua of Verizon ITM.

i miss sykes! babalik ako jan =)

paano po ba hiring process ng sykes parang maganda xa sa totoo lang

depende sa account. masaya sa iba, sa iba naman tatamarin ka pasukan. in fairness sa account namen masaya mga tao, paidlip idlip lang hahahaha

TSR? SYKES? at&t? hahahahaha! joke lang kayo!

sykes cebu should train their agents more on communication skills and proper call handling following procedures

sykes is really good apply na rin ako dito gusto ko bumalik..,ganda ng benefits di yan nkita sa basic pay..sa benefits yan mkita.., go sykes i miss you..!

I am interested in Operations Director/Manager position if its still available here in the PHilippines. I have more than 10 yrs operations manager experience in leading outsourcing company. You can reach me at : 9153871432

I’m excited! I just had my first day of training at sitc-expedia. So far so good. Cool people, fair security, lovely account. I hope I’ll make it in the sales assessment though.

Miss yasmin completo your the best language trainor in cebu

Dewy Trajano – from Sykes Cebu and Makati, where are you? among the best trainers… sayang, cute pa

i hope when i finish my traing in EXCEL ASIA i hope ill be qualified..! god Speed to me..^_^

Mataas talaga ang sweldo sa Sykes (in the long run) compared to most call centers na alam ko. Lalo na pag financial account ka like Ameriprise, may mga allowance na hindi mo makukuha sa iba, kaso dapat smart ka don. Si Dewey Trajano, bumalik na sa Makat

may mawawala nanaman bang account sa sitc? chismax chismax, true ba itetch? ano na mangyayari sa amin?

Trying to pirate agents from etelecare for their program with ameriprise, but their offer is laughable. 75% projection for people switching vendors is kind of blind optimism. it makes me laugh when i think about it. i wonder if their agents know of this.

THE BEST ANG SYKES First official call center sa philippines. FYI sykes is one of the top 100 companies na nag grow during the time of recession sa US. Isa sila sa mga company na nag end up na walang utang while other companies are closing out. that just

contractual but with benefits of a regular employee. You could lose your job all of a sudden

Do they hire HS Grads?

I worked for this company for 3 years and when there two accounts pulled out namely (Cisco TAC and Adobe), they terminate there employees w/o just cause. But I’ve learned and gained a lot from this company. If you’re a fresh grad in the IT industry this place is a good first step

hey! does anyone know how does the tuition reimbursement program of sykes works?!?! detailed answer please! thanks! .!. (o_o) .!.


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  1. sweetgirl Reply

    Magkano ba basic ng expedia? I applied in sykes they told me ranging from 13500-15500. Di pa ako nagfifinal pero sabi nila Sa travel account ako ilalagay.may 3years na along call center experience

  2. Niks Reply

    Hs grad here. Not so fluent in english. Do i have the chance to get hired in sykes? 😐

  3. waiting_in_vain Reply

    Gosh. Kelan kaya ang payday? More delay… Nakasweldo na kayo?

  4. 13/06/06

    hello..ask lang ko.. if naghiring paba ang sykes call center..? easy/ hard ang processing sa application.??

    • 13/08/05

      actually mahrap xa . .pero u nid to undrstand kung anu tnatanung nla para mxagot ng tma. .like last nyt, .sa initial bngyan kme ng chance ult 4 kme ntra. .ang sbe dscrbe our shoes and sell it to him lht cla dnscribe lng xh0es pero aq simpleng sag0t. .my sh0es are flats and black. it has holes for comfort. i bought it in a cheap price so if i would sell it i wil sell it cheaper. .cmple ng xag0t mejo tgl2 pa pero ilang beses tngnan rexume q un awa ng dyos aq lng pnaxa sa apat.

  5. 13/06/08

    May panel interview sa sykes?

  6. 13/08/05

    yah. .kme panel kagbe. .kala q lagpak na q. .pero pnasa aq gang final. .n0nv0ice pnli q pero nbgla q mababa pla pag n0n v0ice. .nagtxt ung ng final xkn lilipat daw nea q ng acct. virgn m0bile bgo mggng v0ice acct. .ok xna kung tnggap na tlga kxo uultn final interview. .mei choice naman pagdatng sa c0mpensati0n, its either low pay w/ lots of benefits or high pay w/o benefits. .aq i sh0uld go with benefits kc cover bu0ng pamlya mu. .pag pera maz madali maub0z

  7. coolboy Reply

    how to get apply in here? first i dont know what to do and do the thinking will i get the job fast and quick but why i get errors in my english. tough english and accent doesn’t it, can i get the job to be call center agent..cebu world

  8. jbp Reply

    My application experience is Sykes was unforgettable. I got hired after the interview. We did an initial-to-final interview. I never thought it would be that quick. I was so overwhelmed with my recruiters words that I went total mute. In applying for a job, yes, your credentials is a very important factor. But it won’t get you the job. You have to be creative in the best way of selling your self. Be confident because you know that have what it takes but not to the point where you’ve gotten overconfident. Also, research about the company and the job you are applying for. Your knowledge about the whole thing will help you getting the job. Lastly, prepare for the interview. You must have be astute when facing the reqcruiter. So, you have to have a well-rested mind in order for you to function impressively. Getting hired in this company is one of the best things that happened in my life. I can’t wait to build my career in this industry with Sykes! All the best!

  9. ron Reply

    I’ve read almost all of the comments but didnt find what I was looking for- about the Sykes Telco Account that promises earnings up to 52k. Can anyone share on this? How does this work? I am sure this is performance target-based incentive but is this achievable? Been in the industry for a number of years since 2006. I worked with 3 callcenter companies my current is Concentrix Naga as corp customer care associate for almost a year now.
    If anyone can share their experience about the telco acnt would be much appreciated. I plan of moving in back to Manila for good.

  10. Orlyn Del Rosario Reply

    Hi, ask ko lang kung pwede po bang mag-apply ang under graduate? Thanks

  11. V Reply

    Had an initial assessment via phone then final interview already when I went to their recruitment hub. Thankfully, I got the job offer.

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