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Symbio Philippines

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Symbio Philippines is a brand new call center company that can be found in Pasig City Philippines. It was founded and established by different experts behind the projects, and by the help of the contact center sourcing industry. Symbio Philippines was created to focus in giving simplified outsourced telemarketing from different company, customer support as well as giving direct response services to the businesses like the small and medium scale industry. It was created to minimize the complexities of outsourced telemarketing service, the Symbio concentrates on delivering vital results cost effectively to their different clients.

Symbio Philippines employees and staff has a lot of experienced when it comes in supervising and monitoring the business industry, they came from very rigid trainings and thorough practice to give perfection to the business main services which is the call center industry. Experienced agents, team leaders, managers are very committed in giving their one hundred percent services to their chosen career. They are giving their best and questionable effort to make sure that their customer will satisfy their needs when it comes to their time and services.

Among Symbio Philippines clients in the global businesses includes the pharmaceutical industry, telecommunications, marketing and credit cards industries. Committing to this company will have the outsource industry as well as the company and the agents the stress-free environment. Because the number one priority of the Symbio Philippines is to be the best and world class service that gives support by means of an innovative and process driven technique that permits their partners to emphasis on their core competencies while giving a lesser bottom line expenses. Another thing is that Symbio Philippines surpasses their expectations by means of simplifying and modifying the outsourced solutions to their business, they have to be the best and the most expanded BPO Company in the country today.

Because of the expansion of the company, Symbio Philippines is now looking for a call center agent, sales, telesales (telemarketing) for an inbound/outbound call center job n the industry.

Symbio Philippines call center office address:

  • Symbio Ortigas
    Unit 1505, 15th flr.
    Orient Square Bldg.
    Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines 1605

For career opportunities, please visit Symbio Philippines Job Openings.


Well, they have texted me once and invited me to visit their company. I’ll drop there someday when I’m fed up with my current job.

symbio..hmmm well ive been connected with this company for almost a year,at first management is good,the cash flow of the agents really high!!! everything you want in your dream working in a call center you will have it here

symbio is the best! great pay tpos sobrang dali ng account..

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