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Syncra Solutions Inc. is a company that provides business process outsourcing. The company is dedicated in meeting requirements of enterprises from small to medium, by conjoining experiences the company has acquired through decades and the expertise to become a perfect extension for the client’s business. Syncra was founded in 2010 by people who have professional expertise and experience in the industry. The company has remained true to its core mission of providing high quality services to its clients. The company is composed of a team that has work integrity, strong support and the aspiration to attain the highest standards, which makes it an exceptional partner of choice.

At Syncra, the team understands the corporate culture as an influential driving force not only to the company’s success, but also, to its clients and their businesses. This is the reason why the company deeply relies on each member of its team to live by its core values of integrity, results-oriented, ownership, innovation and teamwork.

Located in the financial and central business district of Manila, Philippines allows the company to have access a large pool of exceptionally talented professionals with high significance to the clients’ business needs. In 2014, the team made a vital decision of moving to a better and advanced contact center facility to be able to offer higher level of security and reliability to its clients.

Full Outsourcing. This is the perfect solutions for business owners who are looking to outsource non-core functions and opts to dedicate the time in focusing on the crucial points of the business. This does not only allow the business owners to lessen the cost considerably, but it also makes more time available for the business owners to address the more important parts of the business.

Staff Leasing. This is a highly recommended approach if the business owner requires outsourcing that will work in the core or essential part of the business. This set up will give the business owner more control over his or her staff in the Philippines since the business owner has the capability to choose who will be part of the team and manage their everyday operations.

As Syncra provides its service solutions at a reasonable price, the business owners can considerably bring down their business expenses of up to 70% without jeopardizing the quality of work. Syncra’s clients have remained its partners not only because they were able save costs effectively, but also because of the company’s ability to be the hands-on source with a strong belief that its clients success is also its own.

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