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Synechron Technologies

Posted on October 25, 2017 | No Comments on Synechron Technologies

Synechron Technologies has been on a steady climb as a powerhouse when it comes to providing technology, business consulting and digital services. From its humble beginnings as a small company founded by three individuals, Synechron Technologies has grown into a $500 million firm that has an impressive cast of clients.

Synechron Technologies’ vision is to serve its clients with only the best services to jumpstart their companies through business consulting, digital, or technology support. Synechron Technologies aims to bring its clients to the future of business with its structured plans for managing your company’s needs like data management and creating finance and risk models.

Digital, business consulting & technology. These are the three pillars that can make or break a company. Synechron Technologies has managed to corner the three essential figures of success and developed innovative strategies based on it. With your company’s goals in mind, Synechron Technologies will lay out a strategic plan for your company to cover the three basic pillars.

When it comes to services, Synechron Technologies offers a vast amount of support to create the blueprint for your success. For its digital services, Synechron Technologies can arrange a new Intranet Portal for your sites to enhance its overall look and be more user-friendly to users.

The company can also aid in your technological needs. Management of data from various platforms (bonds, equities, etc.) is carefully checked by our experts to make sure that the flow of data would be fluid. With various business models for zeroing in on a certain demographic, Synechron Technologies gives you a strategic edge against your competitors so you can stay ahead of the game.

This company believes that its strength comes from its workforce. Over 8,000 employees from 18 offices around the world have chipped in a lot of effort to justify our vision. Synechron Technologies has successfully extended its global reach while inching closer to its goal of dominating the field for the services the company provides.

Synechron Technologies main office:

  • Synechron USA
    11 Times Square, Suite 3301
    New York, United States

Synechron Technologies Philippines call center office address:

  • Synechron Taguig
    14/F Net Cube Centre
    3rd Ave. Cor. 30th st.
    BGC, Taguig City

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