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Synergy 88 Studios

Posted on March 26, 2018 | No Comments on Synergy 88 Studios

SYNERGY 88 STUDIOS is a company that aims to bring the future of gaming in the present age. With its cutting-edge game development and creative 2D/3D Game Art leading the way, SYNERGY 88 STUDIOS’ ambitious plan may not be far-fetched after all. The company is slowly but surely providing a glimpse of the future through its impressive portfolio of outputs that have satisfied clients and wowed critics across the industry.

Game development is where SYNERGY 88 STUDIOS hangs its hats on. So far, the company has produced such titles as Biker Blaze, Catch the Guava, Baranggay Basketball, and Unblock Jeepney among other games that can be enjoyed through smartphones. The games are curiously implanted with elements from the Philippine culture which is a plus considering the market the company is trying to corner.

Game art for 2D and 3D games are also offered by SYNERGY 88 STUDIOS which aids in the overall aesthetic appeal of its clients’ games. Environment and Game Illustrations adds more depth to the realism of the setting of the game which creates more visual appeal to gamers. Also, SYNERGY 88 STUDIOS’ 2D and 3D character/props design contribute to the overall experience of the role that’s being played by the user given the realism it provides.

SYNERGY 88 STUDIOS also dabbles in VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) which gives users a gaming experience that closely resembles the feeling of walking through the game’s settings and battling against the in-game competitors.

SYNERGY 88 STUDIOS imbues the Filipino culture in the games it develops and artwork it creates. The company wants their product to establish a certain trademark that’s purely based off of the rich tradition and quirky culture that the Philippines is known for. SYNERGY 88 STUDIOS dreams or representing the country across the globe through its challenging and fun games to raise awareness about the Philippines and its culture while maintaining a high level of success.

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