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Synnervox Global Connect

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Synnervox Global Connect Inc. is a leading human resource solutions firm that provides an wide-ranging collection of human resource services including recruitment, staffing and manpower training. Synnervox Philippines specializes in helping companies capitalize and maximize the potentials of their personnel by hiring the right candidates and training them to be the best in their respective fields, while simultaneously ensuring career growth and opportunities as part of their personal development and life fulfillment.

Synnervox partners with top Business process outsourcing companies looking for the best candidates to man their services especially in Customer Service and Technical Support positions in the emerging call center industry in the Philippines. It is a search, contract and consulting firm committed in matching and linking organizations with appropriate professional. Synnervox Philippines has a group of human resource experts whose expertise, experience and network in professional organizations provides the backbone for providing unmatched human resource service to companies.

Synnervox maintains an established pool of talent as well as recruiting strategies that follows the best global practices to make it as all in one industry partner one will require for its human resource needs. In addition to its tenure in the market, the company possess internal resources that can provide access to valuable services, such as Workers’ Compensation, safety, payroll and benefits, just to name a few.

The strength of Synnervox lies on its industry expertise, quality candidates and personal attention. Its expertise allows to use its knowledge to engender custom staffing solutions that matches unique business requirements and cultures. It continuously recruits talented professionals from different fields and industries to match the different evolving needs of companies. It also has a database of professionals ready to make a career transition and readily available to fill company needs. Finally, it provides personal attention in providing its service by taking time in learning the organizational values and culture of its clients as well as its pool of candidates through detailed skills assessments, thorough reference checks, and background checks prior to placement in order to effectively match the proper personnel to suit company needs.

Synnervox Global Connect Philippines call center recruitment office:

  • Synnervox Makati
    3/F Pasay Road Condominium Corporation
    # 926 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road)
    San Lorenzo Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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