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Synnity Solutions

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Founded in 2013, Synnity Solutions is quickly growing into a profitable and influential force in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) world. Synnity Solutions’ uprise is marked with steady growth in the company’s employee count (workforce) and a slew of companies choosing us as its primary customer care representative.

From its humble roots, Synnity Solutions Philippines has become a hotbed for individuals who are looking to jumpstart their careers in the BPO world. It trains and employs talented individuals with hopes that they will reach their potential and grow as professionals in this company. Through the company’s extensive program, employees of Synnity Solutions will be more than ready to take on the challenges of the BPO industry.

Synnity Solutions’ services are overseen by seasoned veterans from various industries like Information Technology, Business Management, and Contact Centers. These individuals, through the depth of their knowledge in their respective crafts, lay the foundation of the quality of services the company provides.

Services such as Outbound and Inbound Telemarketing and IT Solutions are provided by Synnity Solutions with great quality and with much pride in providing only the best support for our clients. With the company’s telemarketing savvy, every customer will be served according to their preferences.

The company’s goal is simple yet direct. Synnity Solutions aims to provide the best customer service support for its clients. Synnity Solutions value every call. Our representatives will be ready at any time of the day to answer the phone and provide the support you need for any specific situation. The company firmly believes that the customer comes first and it is our duty to make them feel that their concerns are our number one priority.

Synnity Solutions’ vision is to connect our clients to their customers while breaking the communication barrier between them. The company looks forward to the day where companies and their clients share a well-rounded relationship that’s built on trust, loyalty, and quality of service.

Synnity Solutions call center office address:

  • Synnity Antipolo
    3/f Park Place Centre Bldg.
    Marcos Highway Cor. Vermont Park
    Mayamot, Antipolo
    Rizal, Philippines

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