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Tips to Succeed as a Call Center Agent

July 9, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies 0

Finding a career in the call center or BPO industry takes a lot of adjustment. While many are called, few are chosen. Here are tips in order to succeed as a call center agent.

Be determined. Getting a career in …

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Tips to Pass Call Center Interview

June 9, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Apart from the substance or content of your responses to questions, one’s communication skills or the way a person speaks is also evaluated during a call center interview. An applicant’s communication skills is given weight in assessing if an applicant …

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Call Center Terminable Offenses

May 27, 2022 Category :Articles 0

Terminable offenses are always applicable in any job. However, there are some offenses in other jobs that are considered forgivable, but are a definite no-no when done in the call center industry. Yes, although call center job may seem easy …

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Top Call Center Problems

April 30, 2022 Category :Articles 0

It is beneficial to highlight that there are also problems in the call center. Not only does this allow people to know more about the industry, this also allow prospective employee to prepare to the demands of the BPO industry. …

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Training Bond in Call Centers

April 27, 2022 Category :Articles 0

A training bond is an agreement between an employer and employee prior to a training which stipulates a specific conduct that the employee is expected to uphold as a member of the company such as requiring employee to render service …

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Lobo Digital Solutions

April 2, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Lobo, the Filipino word for wolf, is often depicted as a cunning and brave animal in literature. This description would be enough to explain the current and limitless exuberance in delivering web solutions by Lobo Digital Solutions.

It is …

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OutKor Inc.

April 1, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Ortigas Center 0

OutKor is a BPO company dedicated to helping businesses grow by providing support on different aspects. Outkor Philippines provides services on tree business areas namely: Call center, Marketing Support and other Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) functions.
The company provides strong …

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Direct Match Outsourcing

January 17, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Direct Match Outsourcing is human resource outsourcing company dedicated to provide employment opportunities to jobseekers in the IT and BPO industry. It aims to boost the morale and empower individuals by giving useful information and better understanding of the position …

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Interconnect Human Resource Philippines

December 12, 2021 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Mandaluyong 0

Interconnect Human Resource Philippines is human resource outsourcing firm that commits itself to empowering the work force by providing opportunities for quality, reasonable and accessible employment through the BPO industry. The company is not a recruitment agency that gets cuts …

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Kalibrr Philippines

November 5, 2021 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Find jobs faster. Kalibrr is a recruitment and human resource placement outsourcing firm that connects professionals with the jobs that require the skills they have. With its assistance, people will never fail and would find the job that perfectly fits …

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