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Pentana Solutions

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Pentana Solutions

A trailblazer in the automotive business, Pentana Solutions has proven to be a formidable driving force behind the innovation that has shaped the industry. Pentana Solutions Philippines has become a tremendous pillar in the automotive world as it has provided services that changed the landscape of the industry it’s dominating today.

Quality of services is what Pentana Solutions has been known for throughout its years in the Automotive field. The company has continually reinvented the services it offers and provides to the clients to match what the industry currently needs. With the ever-changing trends that every industry is known for, Pentana Solutions made a name for itself through its adaptability and the consistent quality of the services it provides.

For 40 years, Pentana Solutions has been able to face the changes that the industry went through head-on. Pentana Solutions, with its keenness on innovation, was able to stay relevant in the automotive industry. With a steady balance of knowledge and experience, Pentana Solutions weathered every storm that comes with every flourishing industry.

Pentana Solution’s flagship service is its Retail Dealer Management System. Through its services, Pentana Solutions has been able to manage the intricacies of the operations that comes within every deal in the automotive industry. Overall, Pentana Solutions’ Retail Dealer Management System will help its clients in more ways than enhancing the organization of their overall operations to assure a high level of success.

Sub-services under Retail Dealer Management System include Business Intelligence, Aftersales, and Showroom which are sure to smoothen the flow of your business while taking care of the necessities that comes with the Automotive Business.

These services will enhance the notoriety of your business to entice more customers while protecting your current customers against the troubles of purchasing/owning a car. Pentana Solutions, through its services, will provide an all-encompassing aid for your company’s needs.

Pentana Solutions main office address:

  • Pentana Australia
    549 Blackburn Road,
    Mount Waverley, Victoria

Pentana Solutions call center office address:

  • Pentana Makati
    9/F The Enterprise Center Tower 1
    6766 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

Red Pixel Solutions Group

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RPSGI or Red Pixel Solutions Group Inc. is a company that specializes in producing solutions for Gaming and Technological advancements. The years the company has spent in the industry has paved its way in making a name for itself in the technological world and at the same time, calibrate the company’s services to accord to the ever-changing industry.

Given the quality of services it is known for, RPSGI quickly made a name for itself for the company’s chosen industry. RPSGI wants to build on its success as it transitions to a new age in the technological world. The company’s goal is to position itself at the forefront of change in the industry and in the process, be synonymous with innovation when it comes to technology.

RPSGI’s cup of tea is producing cutting-edge gaming technology and other technological solutions for its clients. The company wants their experience to be as smooth as possible for their own gratification. RPSGI dreams of producing gaming solutions that’ll be the barometer for the industry in years to come.

With the prevalence of smartphones and its applications, RPSGI has successfully transitioned into mobile gaming. Through this platform, RPSGI was able to reach out to more users and strut their stuff through games and other applications. RPSGI believes that the mobile platform of gaming is here to stay which is why the company has zeroed in on producing games that’ll induce the fun for mobile users.

For its Technology Solutions, RPSGI offers services for Business Intelligence and Data Analysis. These solutions can aid the company’s clients in coming up with the right approach for their prospective customers as RPSGI handle the data research and assessment for their tendencies.

For RPSGI, the only limitation for its gaming solutions is your imagination. The company is driven by its unorthodox approach to reach impeccable heights for its products and your gaming and technological needs. RPSGI is hell-bent on wowing you with its services to stimulate and shake up the interest for its clients to assure a high level of success.

Allegis Global Solutions

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Allegis Global Solutions is a world-beater in the field of talent solutions. The company has crossed the borders of industries and have served countless clients that specializes in different services. Allegis will scour the world to provide a shortlist of people that fits the bill of your company’s needs and preferences. Allegis Philippines is sure to deliver only the best possible individuals that’ll eventually fill the position in need.

Allegis’ hiring process is the company’s pride when it comes to talents solutions it provides. The company will work hand in hand with its clients to find the best possible fit for the position that needs to be filled. Allegis will accord to your company’s unique preferences and immediate need en route to finding the most qualified individual for the job.

It is Allegis’ duty to separate the cream from the crop. With the company’s specialized hiring process, Allegis can easily extricate the most talented, and qualified individuals for the job who are more than ready to take on the duty without training and orientation.

The expertise for Allegis Global Solutions include services for Strategic Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Business Intelligence and Workforce planning among other solutions that’ll provide the boost in your company’s recruitment process while fortifying the flow of the talent flow in your offices.

Allegis provide services such as Permanent Workforce Solutions, Contingent Workforce Management, and Integrated Talent solutions that’ll be the driving force behind the optimization of your company’s talent/workforce process. Services under the aforementioned solutions include Programme Management Office, MSP Implementation, RPO Flex and Recruitment Strategies among others.

The company’s specialty is scrutinizing every individual through our tedious hiring process. Allegis will uncover their strengths and weaknesses to gauge whether they are fit to work according to your standards. Allegis wants to provide individuals that can seamlessly transition and embody your company’s goals and traditions for an unimpeded road to success.

Allegis Global Solutions main office location:

  • Allegis USA
    7312 Parkway Drive South
    Hanover, Maryland
    United States

Allegis Philippines call center recruitment office address:

  • Allegis Libis
    7/F Techo Plaza 2
    Orchard Road, Eastwood City
    Libis, Quezon City

Ducen Infotek

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Ducen Infotek is a global technology company that offers business intelligence software, data integration, corporations’ performance optimization technology, intelligent business outsourcing services. Ducen Philippines is an end-to-end IT solutions provider primarily on software solutions for corporations and individuals.

Ducen Infotek has proven to be the best provider of software solutions. Main products are:

Analance Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence (BI) software gives the latest in data analytics, aiding clients to uncover more sense from data to fuel wiser decisions and drive operational effectiveness.

Analance Offerings. BI software, from dashboard, scorecards to real-time analysis, offers a complete solution aiding corporations gather, store, visualize, analyze, and share key data.

Analance Features. It features discovery and analysis, reporting, visualization, and portal. The clients can really experience having an organized data by just a click away.

Services offered are:
– Analytics and information management
– Application development
– Application Maintenance and Support
– Infrastructure Management Services
– Independent Verification and Validation
– OmniChannel Tech Support
– Enterprise Architecture Services

Why should you work at Ducen Infotek?
As much as Ducen Infotek is competitive in software solutions, so too with providing a good working environment, good benefits and compensations, insurance, free training for staff, and having weekends which, generally, employees today look for. Having weekends for your personal life matters most to them. You can do lots of things on weekends like hanging out with old friends, families, and loved ones. Not only that, you can also treat them out as Ducen Infotek gives what is due to their best and good employees. Try applying now!

Ducen Infotek call center office address:

  • Ducen Ortigas
    16/F Hanston Square Building
    17 San Miguel Ave.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Genie Technologies

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Genie Technologies Inc. is now known and documented as a highly-specialized Information technology company. It started to offer its clients retail management solution for Retail Industry in the Philippines, and now, it is renowned to be providing world-class business solutions, consulting and support services to different enterprises from numerous industries in Southeast Asia in all sizes. Nowadays, GenieTech Philippines offers wide ranging and fully assimilated business solutions, combined with the industries’ best practices, to make the most out of its clients’ business growth. It has been successful in realizing and executing various ventures through the years, not only in the retail and distribution industries but in others as well, like food and beverage, hospitality and financial services among others.

Genie Technologies partners with Radiant Systems, a global leader when it comes to restaurant technology. It offers the NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard. This retail solution provides real-time monitoring and alerts to the restaurant owners and operators, helping them to put stop to theft and any other fraudulent activities that reduces profits and jeopardizes the customer experience. This powerful back-office solution gives the restaurant managers all the tolls and insights they need to proactively recognize losses while it strengthens internal controls. Some of the benefits of Aloha Restaurant Guard include:

  • Real-time loss prevention
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved workforce management
  • Tools to prevent theft
  • Stronger personal controls

In addition to that, Genie Technologies is also the largest partner of QlikView in the Philippines, which provides its clients a brand new level of analysis when it comes to business intelligence and analytics. QlikView makes the entire business organization smarter with its innovative application. It allows the users to acquire unexpected business insights because it helps the users understand how data is associated and which data is not related. Furthermore, this application can also be accessed through mobile devices, including iPad, IOS, Android and Blackberry, giving the users the freedom from desktop while they access data analysis anytime, anywhere.

Genie Technologies has also partnered with Retail Pro, a global leader when it comes to retail management software. This company has developed retail software solutions to help retailers improve business operations and allows them to focus on what really is important. Now, GenieTech Philippines is certified to deliver Retail Pro Training and certification classes to their customers and general public.

Genie Technologies office location:

  • GenieTech Makati
    7/F Alphaland Building Southgate Tower
    EDSA corner Din Chino Roces Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines

Exakt Philippines

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Exakt Philippines is an IT solutions company which gives clients exactly what they need in terms of Data management, IT Security, Business Intelligence and Mobility Solutions, opting to a future of unwired enterprise. This is when information flows freely from the data center to devices which enable decision makers to make decisions at real-time.

The company is the current leader on providing innovative solutions which combine upheld expertise with emerging technologies. It makes sure that the IT solutions that they offer meet business goals that the client wants to attain. Aside from being a solutions company, Exakt Philippines also integrates, markets, sells, educates, implements and support products for leading IT vendors around the world.

These strong claims on being on the lead are not without merit as the company has catered to several big companies and organizations around the Philippines. Exakt has extended its reach to a wide range of niches including Telecoms, Education and Government servicing. Through the company and its services, IT solutions had been implemented to these organizations so that they too, can better administer their services to their clients to keep up with the fast paced world.

Mainly driving the company into the right side of the IT map is a group of individuals who are well renowned in the Philippine IT Industry. The management of Exakt Philippines include big players in the scene such as Delfin T. Hallare, Jr., Rodrigo Perez, and Amado A. Malacaman.

Although the management is considered as the heart, the heart cannot run without fuel. In this sense, in a company, the employees serve as fuel to further the company’s goals and ambitions. With about 200 employees, Exakt Philippines has certainly proven, with all its good feedback among its clients, that employees have an equal impact on steering the company to the right direction.

Exakt Philippines call center office location:

  • Exakt Ortigas
    25/F Prestige Tower
    F. Ortigas Ave.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Shipserve CI Philippines

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Shipserve CI Philippines is the leading maritime e-marketplace, helping marine and offshore buyers to find the best supplies easily, trade efficiently and build trusted relationships. Founded in 1999, ShipServ helps bring buyers and suppliers together online, in print, on ship and in person.

For its Buyer solutions, Shipserve CI Philippines helps in providing information on How TradeNet Works. It also provides solutions for Order Management, Catalog Management, Delivery Management, Business Intelligence, Software Requirements and E-invoicing for buyers. For Supplier solutions, the company helps suppliers to generate awareness & build their brands, win new business by introducing them to network of potential buyers, and manage orders efficiently and retain customers.

Shipserve CI Philippines provides an integrated suite helping traders with their marine & offshore purchasing decisions. It has ShipServ Pages, the world’s largest online marine search engine for finding business partners. It has ShipServ TradeNet for finding yards and offshore drilling contractors. It has The ShipServ Ad Network for advertising across the network of top shipping websites and reaching thousands of active marine & offshore professional. It has ShipServ Onboard (or Mariner’s Annual) for influencing the buying decision on thousands of vessels across the globe. Finally, it has the e-Invoicing for suppliers for shorter handling time.

Shipserve CI Philippines call center office locations:

  • Shipserve Ortigas
    18/F Wynsum Corporate Plaza
    Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines
  • Shipserve Manila
    19/F Times Plaza Bldg.
    U.N. Ave. Corner Taft Ave.
    Ermita, Manila

Five Point Philippines

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Five Point Philippines is a consulting firm focused on bringing valued solutions to business as well as helping them realize the promise of technology. It aims to provide the most current solutions for its clients to assist them in solving complex business problems. Five Point Philippines functions as an integral part of a comprehensive solution.

Five Point Philippines specializes in serving the utility, mining and transportation industries. With its energetic and experienced consultants, it assists clients in software selection, business process improvement, implementations support and advanced technological solutions. It offers a complete life-cycle of options. Its Advisory Services provides the guidance needed to make informed and timely decisions for critical and complex IT initiatives that help company keep at pace with the ever-changing marketplace, evolving industry standards and latest consumer trends.

Five Point’s Implementation Services practice specializes in delivering seamless integration, superior implementation and expert management to critical business system transformation. It provides a comprehensive best-practices approach to help effectively manage the overall lifecycle of technology investment and optimize operational efficiency and system performance. Five Point Philippines advisory services is comprised by research and analysis, strategic technology roadmaps, application planning, business case development, market analysis and solution procurement. It implementation services included customer information systems, work and asset management, mobile workforce management and business intelligence. Finally, its managed services included environment management, application management, knowledge transfer and system stabilization and optimization.

Five Point is headquartered in 200 Galleria Parkway Suite 1475 Atlanta, Georgia 30339 United States with phone (888) 830-4959 Toll Free. It Manila office is located at Unit 2309 Jollibee Plaza Condominium F. Ortigas Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City 1605 Philippines with phone +632 631 1254.

Infosoft International Solutions

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Established in August 16, 2001, Infosoft International Solutions, Inc. (INFOSOFT) exhibits the dynamism of an energetic, customer-oriented and highly professional workforce. Infosoft Philippines was founded by a group of IT professionals that have completed numerous projects accumulated through the years that concurrently honed their skills in the implementation of reputable business management solutions.

They are a TIER 1 Microsoft Dynamics and GOLD Certified Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Partner. This means that the software engineers, developers and implementers are certified by Microsoft, not only in deployment and implementation of its business software solutions, but also in the platform of these solutions.

With over 40 years of combined experience, their competencies are in consulting, project management and implementation of supply chain and financial management software, including vertical solutions for retail, construction and project-based operations, human resource and business intelligence.


Consultation and Implementation
Thru years of experience and field-tested best practices, we have developed a unique standardized consulting approach merged with the waterfall project methodology framework recommended by Microsoft.

Infosoft believes that a formula of comprehensive documentation plus frequent dialogue between core team members throughout the implementation process ensures immediate proficiency and successful execution.

Technical Support
Infosoft IT support team is on hand to provide assistance to our clients. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive industry experience, the team is able to handle most requests on the spot, but will make on-site calls when required. The company know how valuable your time is, so to ensure no one is left waiting, Infosoft offer guaranteed response times. Giving you peace of mind is part of their commitment to their clients.

They have also provided their clients with the following avenues for support: Online Support, Phone and Fax Support, Email Support, On-site visits, Remote Access Support and Go-live Assistance.

Service Maintenance Plan
Infosoft offers its clients a range of comprehensive pre-paid service plans tailored to suit their individual needs, with three Priority Plus Service Maintenance plans to choose from, we are able to provide immediate assistance and round the clock-support. The following plans are available, based on the number of hours required, which can be used for on-site technical support, training or client-specific customizations. The following are their Service Maintenance Packages: Platinum Service Maintenance Plan (Annual), Gold Service Maintenance Plan (Bi-annual) and Silver Service Maintenance Plan (Quarterly).

Training and Development
At Infosoft, a holistic approach has been adopted to service provision and are committed to ensuring our clients are fully proficient in their chosen software. The company’s hands-on, individually tailored Microsoft Dynamics Solutions training sessions cater to both beginners and those at more advanced levels. Conducted by Microsoft Certified Trainers with years of IT experience with their convenient training facilities, Infosoft guarantee their clients will get the most from their software.

Relevant to the overall success of a project, maintaining a collaborative dialogue between core team members is the key. Therefore the consulting team are resolute in formulating core competency training modules intended to fit target hierarchy. Trainings conducted are: Solution Overview, Core Team Training, and End-user Training.

Employee Benefits
Dental Insurance, medical insurance, performance bonus, transportation allowance and travel allowance are the benefits when joining the company.

Infosoft Solutions office locations:

  • Infosoft Mandaluyong
    285 Haig St.
    Mandaluyong City, Philippines
    Tel: +632 866 8080
  • Infosoft Davao
    Unit B5 & B6 Plaza de Luisa
    140 R. Magsaysay Avenue
    Davao City, Philippines
    Tel: +6382 222 5811

Digitext Asia

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Established in 2001, Digitext Asia Corp. is a Filipino ICT company which was designed to help local businesses adapt information and technology and harness the power of modern computing technology to advance their business. The company caters cater to all business sizes and provide the ICT infrastructure necessary for business success in today’s global marketplace. With over a decade of experience, Digitext Philippines has established as its reputation in the business world as it has helped many business integrating information technology in their operations.

As a Total Solutions Provider, Digitext Asia Corp specializes in Telecommunications, IT Security. E-commerce, Data Services, Software Development, Network and System Infrastructure and System Platforms. The company builds IT solutions from scratch and tailor fits every solution to the needs of clients. Through an intensive system analysis and design method, it is capable of customizing solutions to suit customer needs with Alignment, Compatibility and Integration as priorities.

Among its IT Solutions included Cloud Computing, Virtual Infrastructure, System Platform Selection and Installation, Custom Software Development. Software Prototyping & Simulation, Independent Software Testing and QA, – Cross-Platform Software Integration, Software Sourcing and Customization. Digitext Philippines also provides design, Build and Installation of Fibre Optic Network, WAN, LAN, VPN, End-to-end Network Infrastructure and Supply of Equipment (Hardware). It also provides VoIP, Video Conferencing, Wireless systems solutions, Data solutions included Data Cleansing, Migration, Mining, Analytics, Storage and Business Intelligence. For an integrated IT System and Security, it also offers Security Standards and Compliance, Physical Security, Network and Server Security, Application Security, Data Security and Identity and Access Management.

Digitext Asia Corp call center office location:

  • Digitext Alabang
    5/F Southgate Building
    Finance Road, Ayala Alabang
    Muntinlupa City, Philippines