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I2S Business Solutions

April 19, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

I2S Business Solutions is a company that provides every business a perfect solution for their company needs. All operations needed by a company are surely available in this firm. I2S Business Philippines is also recognized by their clients because of …

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Butter Solutions Development Co.

April 6, 2022 Category :Articles 0

In a cooking perspective, Butter gives food that smooth and creamy taste. Synonymously enough, Butter Solution Dev. Co. on the other hand gives technology a run for its money as it provides a smooth, fast and easy-to-use system.

Founded on …

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Fasttrack Solutions

March 13, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

FastTrack Solutions, Inc. is a software product and consultancy services company that provides world class Business Solutions to the Enterprise and SMB markets. AS the First SAP Gold Partner, FastTrack Philippines provides implementation and consulting services to the Philippine and …

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Oflander Dockhiemer

February 25, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Cebu 0

Oflander Dockhiemer is the wholly owned BPO subsidiary of United States based Cloud Support, a national managed service provider that specializes in providing business solutions that allow clients to take advantage of the cloud revolution. Oflander Dockhiemer Philippines is fundamentally …

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Clarimax Solutions

February 2, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies 0

Clarimax Solutions is a premium IT outsourcing company from India that provides business solutions with a special focus on Healthcare, e-Commerce, Education and Manufacturing streams. It specializes in understanding customer needs, defining robust IT solutions and successfully executing projects for …

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FPT Software Technologies

January 31, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Manila 0

FPT Software Technologies is the leading and biggest software outsourcing company in South East Asia established in 1999 in Vietnam with over 6,000 software outsourcing projects and a global presence in diverse markets including Japan, America, Europe, South-East Asia and …

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AMCA Smart Solutions

January 23, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Founded in 2001, AMCA Smart Solutions, Inc. is a business process outsourcing firm that provides a broad range of IT application support services and system integration services. AMCA Philippines started as a reseller of smart cards for identification systems and …

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Courtesy Point Technologies

January 19, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Courtesy Point Technologies, Inc. (CPTI) is a dynamic IT company that started in 2004 to provide IT solutions to the growing leisure industry including hotels, clubs, entertainment centers and restaurants. It provides a one-stop shop for hospitality business solutions with …

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Direct Match Outsourcing

January 17, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Makati 0

Direct Match Outsourcing is human resource outsourcing company dedicated to provide employment opportunities to jobseekers in the IT and BPO industry. It aims to boost the morale and empower individuals by giving useful information and better understanding of the position …

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San Miguel Information Technology Systems

January 14, 2022 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Mandaluyong 0

San Miguel Information Technology Systems or SMITS is one of the leading Information Technology companies in the Philippines that is responsible for the managing the IT operations of Southeast Asia’s largest food, beverage, and packaging company. SMITS Philippines combines industry …

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