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Credit Card Application for Call Center Agents

September 24, 2020 Category :Articles 0

A credit card is a payment card that its owner can use to purchase products and services without having cash and on credit. The card entitles its owner a line of credit one can use to pay a merchant or …

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Work as Part Time Call Center Agent

August 30, 2019 Category :Call Center Basics 0

The call center industry has one of the highest employment turnover rates. Employees come and go or move from one company to another. The high turn over rate was primarily attributed to health concerns because of the night shift schedule …

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Call Center Wage Hike

March 26, 2018 Category :Articles 0

Philippines is the second largest call center business capital in the world today, the BPO companies knows that hiring call center agents is as easy as 123. They expect that hiring Filipinos as their agent means giving them salary not …

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Floating Status on Call Center

December 12, 2017 Category :Call Center Basics 0

Complicated. This is one word to describe how hard is working in a call center. There could be accounts which would work with a BPO company. But no matter how many these companies are, there are times that the number …

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How to get to TeleTech Novaliches?

November 6, 2017 Category :Call Centers in Novaliches| Call Centers in Quezon City 3

Question: How to get to TeleTech Novaliches?

Answer: Teletech Philippines call center has a satellite office is located in Quezon City. TeleTech Novaliches is currently located in Robinsons Nova Market, Novaliches, Quezon City. TeleTech Novaliches is perfect for call center …

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Challenges of Call Center Agents

September 22, 2017 Category :Articles 0

Being a call center agent entails numerous challenges on the chosen career. Yet, most people think it’s so easy to be an agent, if you have good communication skills. Here’s the list of challenges of call center agents:

1. Call

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How to Become Topnotch Agent

July 21, 2017 Category :Call Center Basics 0

There are thousands of call center agents in the Philippines. Some of them are from various industries which differ in nature, origin, and lifestyle. Most probably, these agents do have differences that make them unique and amazing at the same …

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June 8, 2017 Category :Call Center Companies| Call Centers in Fort Bonifacio| Call Centers in Taguig 0

VoiceOutCalls is an outsourcing company that promotes the best offshore staffing for various businesses over the past thirty years. The solutions of VoiceOutCalls is specialized for call centers, web development, and other Information Technology companies. VoiceOutCalls never fails with their …

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How to Apply for a Call Center Job

March 22, 2017 Category :Articles 0

Business process outsourcing and call centers have become one of the popular job providers in the country for several years now. Many young urban professionals, especially those who are fresh graduates have benefited from this industry and many of them …

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How To Get Hired in Call Center Companies

November 29, 2016 Category :Articles 0

Working in a call center company has opened wide range of opportunities for people. These companies become the cradle for people who seek challenge in their career. Seasoned call center agents have found true haven when they started working there. …

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