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Ownership Statements Call Center

July 9, 2021 Category :Articles 0

In a call center setting or any business engaged with customer service or dealing directly with customers, taking ownership pertains to a philosophy in which one puts oneself in the shoes of the customer. Own the customer problem or issue …

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Call Center Promotion

July 20, 2020 Category :Articles 0

Promotion in a call center takes a lot of hard work and determination. Promotion is a special concern among call center agents because promotion to a team leader or a supervisor position is often very limited. Promotion is highly competitive …

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Things to Endure as a Call Center Agent

September 22, 2015 Category :Articles 0

A lot of people are saying that being a call center agent is just so easy. We just have to go to the office, sit in our work station and talk to customers and then go home when the shift …

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