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Simple Team Building Activities

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Team building is one of the most important activities in a call center in order to help agents relax from the pressures of work and allow them to get to know each other better for improved camaraderie, teamwork and unity. Here are simple team building activities that managers can use:

Videoke/ Karaoke. Filipinos love to sing. Having a Karaoke activity is a great bonding time for agents to have a great time and know each other’s hidden talents.

Casual Drinking. Alcohol works like a universal language. People drink beer or liquor to relax or engage in talks. Alcohol helps many people remove their inhibitions in life.

Common Party Games. Including trip to Jerusalem, Pinoy Henyo and stop dances are very simple activities that help dissipate pressures from work and allow agents to have a good time.

Sports. Holding sporting events like basketball, chess, volleyball, badminton and other sports can help agents to value the importance of teamwork. These activities will also help promote health.

Swimming. A common team building activity is going out for a swimming in a resort. There are various resorts and beaches to choose from which is just a few kilometres away from Manila. Having out of town activities for team building especially provides agents an opportunity to see and tour other parts of the country.

How to be a Good Team Leader?

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A call center team leader or team lead is a person responsible for managing a group of agents, whose role is primarily to ensure that individual team members perform their job by reviewing their performance and coaching them to improve and excel in what they ought to do. He or she also coordinates with the manager and serve as the channel to relay management’s instructions to the team. Here are ways to be a good call center team lead.

Maintain a good and balance relationship with both manager and team members. This entails constant interaction and communication with managers and team members.

Create camaraderie within the team. Organize simple social activities to get to know team members better.

Be a good example to team members. Always come on time. Avoid getting absent. Hit targets. To effectively implement policies and rules, one should show faithful adherence to them. Whatever you want team members to be, you should lead by example because actions speak louder than words.

Be informed. Team leader should always be informed about anything and everything in and out of the office from the latest plans, events, instruction, news or even gossips so that one can effective interact with anyone and everyone.

Maintain an open and friendly personality. This will allow team leader to establish good interpersonal relations with everyone regardless of personality differences.

Learn how to listen. Don’t just listen to the boss or manager. One should also learn to listen to agents especially their sentiments to empathize with them and acknowledge their feelings or emotions. This is the first step in dissipating any form of conflict.

Be analytical. Learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member so that one could act on them promptly.

Tips to Motivate Call Center Agents

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One of primary responsibilities of managers is to motivate staff so that they will work better and harder. Here are a few tips to keep call center agents always motivated.

Make them happy. The workplace should be a place where employees look forward to go to everyday and not a place that they want to stay away from. Creating a great work environment can be achieved by facilitating camaraderie among employees. The workplace should be made a home away from home.

Positive feedback. Giving people positive feedback will create a positive attitude. It is like talking to one’s children. Managers should learn how to make employees feel valued. Even in their failures and weaknesses, managers should learn how to correct mistakes in a positive and constructive manner.

Provide them with the right tools and skills. Agents should be provided with the right tools and skills for them to provide the services, assignments or functions they are expected to do effectively. They should be given proper training such as communication and computer skills so that they can perform their work. They should be given a good computer and fast internet connection.

Reward them. Rewarding employees is one of the common ways of keeping agents motivated. This can come in the form of a promotion, financial incentive, commission, gifts, recognition, a party, a break, or any other means that will allow an agent feel recompensed for a job well done.

Keep things new. Any person doing the same thing over and over again will lose his or her enthusiasm in doing the work. Management can prevent this natural predilection by keeping things fresh. This can be done by creatively adding something new or different to the job, and by providing training.

Talk to them. Managers should not be absentee landlords who just let and expect the sailors run the ship smoothly. Managers should be there in the floor once in a while to talk things out, chit chat with agents or even praise them. Note that their presence should not be so austere or exacting to avoid micromanagement, which can be stressful to agents.