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Across Different Lines of Business in BPO

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Nowadays, it is kind of a mainstream to think of call center agents as just phone support experts. People in the BPO industry know otherwise. Modern call centers now support wide ranged line of business. Phone, chat and email, all these are now supported by various call centers. As we apply for the job we are assessed as to how we converse with the interviewer and how we verbally answer or discuss the question that is being asked by them. When we look back at it, it seems that they have been preparing us to just the phone support. When I look back at it from this standpoint, I realize that I may have been extremely wrong. Though these lines of business are different in nature, these types of support have one thing in common and that is to provide support to customers using modern English.

As stated, these lines of business are different in nature and with this come the advantages and disadvantages of supporting customers in these lines of business. More so, different interaction affects the personal and interpersonal approach of the experts.

Phone – Among all lines of business, this type of support is the most tiresome and wearisome. Why? It is because we personally converse with the customers and provide assistance real time. Phone support is divided into two different sub lines: outbound and inbound support. With outbound support, call center agents are responsible in contacting the customer either for support or sales while with inbound support, the customer contact a support number and call center experts then take the call and handle the issue from then on. With phone support, customers usually vent out their frustrations to unknowing experts. With this, the experts main responsibility is handle and pacify the customer. With phone support, resolution to issues is faster and easier.

Chat – As with the phone support, the customers are assisted real time. Since we cannot play with our voices and emotions in chat support, the interaction may appear impersonal. Misunderstandings are common in chat support. Whether it be on the customer or the experts end. However, since assistance is real time, experts will immediately know the outcome of each step.

Email – Email support does not provide support real time. More so, like chat support where we cannot play with our emotions and voices, experts also cannot establish personal relationship with the customers. However, since it is not necessary to immediately answer the customers query, experts have ample time to research and provide the best possible solution.

These lines of business are necessary in keeping a company’s revenue. When joining a call center corporation, I would suggest that you prepare to be deployed in any of these supports. By preparing you have a lot of opportunity to excel in any of these supports. By preparing, you will be ready to assist customers in any of these supports.

iConnect Global Communications

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iConnect Global Communications Inc. is a company registered in the Philippines that focuses mainly on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). iConnect Global Philippines is being administered by a team of highly qualified professionals who acquired expertise through years of experience in worldwide customer service, data processing, systems development and maintenance and value added support.

The company is motivated by its people and their dedication to acquire outcomes and results the right way – that is by means of functioning accountabilities, implementing excellence, applying advanced technologies and taking new opportunities for profitable growth.

Armed with high class technology and concentrating in inbound multi-level marketing customer support, iConnect Global Communications is capable of offering services both inbound and outbound as well as seat rental services that will definitely meet and even exceed the expectations and needs of the clients of the company.

iConnect Global Communications can provide a variety of services relating to contact centers and Business Process Outsourcing services to different kinds of businesses.

Voice Enabled Services
– Customer Service Support
– Inbound Customer Service
– Dealer Location
– Trade Show Follow-up
– Managed Helpdesk Services
– Ordertaking
– Customer Surveys
– Class, Seminar and Event Registration
– Cross Promotions
– Appointment Settings
– Answering Service
– Market Research
– Reservation Overflow
– Accounts Payables
– Up-Sells
– Virtual Assistant
– Third Party Verification
– Mail Follow-Up
– Customer Service Follow-up

Non-Voice Services
– Email Support – this service allows the company to administer traffic of emails which is comprised of processing of transactions, fulfillment of orders, query solution, feedback and response to inquiries.
– Other BPO Services – this service is comprised of chat support and other services as requested by the clients.

iConnect Global Communications Inc. is one of the fastest growing BPO company in the Philippines. With the highly qualified professionals that administers the company, its employees are not only guaranteed with competitive salary and impressive compensation, but also a rapid growth in career. As the company grows and acquires more clients, there are more opportunities that await its people and also the aspirants to be part of the organization. Furthermore, iConnect not only concerns about its growth, or the growth of its employees. The company also believes in the balance of life and work, and so the employees can also look forward to team outings and company outreach programs that will allow them of more time with their families and themselves.

iConnect Global Philippines call center office address:

  • iConnect Eastwood
    28/F Plaza Eastwood City
    Cyber Park, Libis
    Quezon City, Philippines

Kinetic Business Solutions

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Kinetic Business Solutions offers exceptional and result-producing services for all companies. These services vary from outsourcing up to customer service representing. It has opened a lot of doors of success to company who has needed aid in their business. Its difference to other companies is how they train their employees. Staffs of this company are all college graduate. Each possesses the skill when it comes to speaking English. Aside from speaking fluently, these people also have skills on other fields. Everything they do is expected to contribute to the welfare of its company. In addition to this, Kinetic Business Solutions has given training and seminars to its employees in order to provide quality results.

Its expertise in the field of telecommunications and medicines has given way to more opportunities to its employees. Hence, people who are working in this firm are guaranteed to acquire the best experience in their field.

Products and Services

Assisting clients in their needs has been the primary goal of this firm. Aside from the ordinary support it provides its clients, it also gives these support services:

  • Technical Support – Dealing with problems related to technology is their expertise as well. Each person who is going to solve this problem is well-equipped with knowledge related to technology. All aspects of this type of support have been mastered by its employees.
  • Sales Support – This makes a company nurture its connections to clients. Through sales support, consistent flow of sales can be expected as well. Thus, no need to worry about the deals when it comes to generating sales for the company.
  • Live Chat Support – Professionals can transact to their callers personally. Through live chat support, the exact problems of the callers are given the proper solution.
  • After Hour Support – Callers need not to worry about the business hours of a company. This support enables a company to reach out for its customers beyond is usual time.

Reasons Why You Should Work Here

This company’s expertise is in the field of medical and pharmaceutical solutions. Whether you are in this field or not, you can guarantee yourself free-flowing of learning by working in this company. You can totally achieve the growth that you are looking for. Also, Kinetic Business Solutions is a dedicated and committed employer to its employees. Hence, you can guaranteed to learn the things that you want to know.

FBM eServices

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FBM eServices is a world-class support center that provides live customer support to international based customers since 2002. FBM eServices Philippines offers services such as customer support, quality assurance, custom design and web development.

Customer Support. FBM offers live call, live chat and email support for both of the clients’ online and offline products and services. Customer support includes billing, inquiry, activation, comment moderation, adult content and abuse among others. For live chat support, FBM uses a sophisticated tool which is tweaked from time to time by their outstanding IT personnels to meet their clients’ needs and expectations. Live chat support also includes certain features such as transfer, escalation, session recording, tagging, categorization and canned responses, while the email support includes features like transfer, escalation, tagging and canned responses. In addition to this, FBM also offers virtual support specialists for online games. This support includes welcoming newbies and event monitoring among others.

Quality Assurance. Since FBM eServices Philippines started from developing software services, they have sophisticated expertise when it comes to making sure that the software is in excellent state before its release to the American and international market. Checking for quality of a software development can be time consuming and somewhat difficult, not to mention expensive, and so FBM Quality Assurance for Software Development is quite sensible – they have all the experts that can speed the process of checking for quality a software service. FBM performs Quality Assurance on Commercial Applications, Enterprise Software Products, Websites, Web 2.0 Applications, MMORPG and other online games.

Custom Software Development. Apart from having a world-class custom software development service, FBM also has IT consultants who have a wide range of experience and expertise. With these two, the company promises to provide improvement of the clients’ cost management, enhancement of business productivity and less risk of software development.

Web Design. FBM also has wide range of experience when it comes to graphic design, web development and e-commerce, so the clients can expect the company to meet their project demands, and deliver a highly functional website.

Why Work at FBM

FBM invests a lot on its employees, and so apart from the promising salary and benefit package, employees would also go through various training programs that will enhance their skills in their area of expertise. These will help the employees, especially those who aspire to step up the career ladder.

FBM eServices Philippines call center office address:

  • FBM Makati
    28/F Trident Towers
    312 Gil Puyat Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

Customer-Centric Call Center Software

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The software use by a call center company contributes greatly in enhancing customer centric services of a company. Hence is it important for companies to choose the correct call center software. Here are the major features that a manager should look for in evaluating a call center software.

First is the Interactive voice response or IVR system is needed to allow agents to efficiently route callers to the specific agent who can effectively address their needs or issues. This improves first call resolutions. Self-service options in the IVR can also help a caller to route his call to the specific agent who can address his or her specific needs. However a VIP routing is also important to cater to high value customers. In this case, customers tag as VIP in their profile are immediately answered or assigned to best agent. Corollary to this is providing dedicated phone numbers for VIP customers to ensure that their needs are immediately addressed by the company’s best agents.

A call conferencing tool is also ideal so that two agents with different set of skills and specialization can listen to a call simultaneously from a caller who have require two different issues to be attended. A Callback from queue is also ideal to prevent customers from waiting for nothing. With this feature, a customer can request that an agent calls them back instead of them waiting which is rather frustrating experience. A supplementary feature to this is a Voicemail to queue in which a customer can leave a voicemail for an agent or department instead.

Finally, the company should also provide Multi-channel support, to provide options for customers on how to get address their needs. This can be achieved through Mobile-friendly website, which they can access anytime and anywhere, Email and Live chat options for contacting customer support as well as HipChat support rooms, and Text messaging. These call center software features will help enhance the service experience of companies so that they truly feel valued.

Alexander Carmichael Inc.

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Jumpstart to an amazing career and be assured of Career improvement. Alexander Carmichael Inc. (ACi) is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company that assigns skillful individuals to top corporations. Alexander Carmichael Philippines helps companies gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs and requirements – the best way to place the right person to the right job.

Alexander Carmichael Inc. essentially provides recruitment process outsourcing that hastens the hiring time; reduces the partners’ manpower requirements, and carries on the business of serving their customers with qualified individuals who are fully prepared to client specification. It also provides career guidance, free consultation for prospective employers, Documentation assistance, IT Technical Recruitment Specialist and In-house Recruitment Process. Alexander Carmichael Philippines offers Free Training program for the professional development of applicants in its talent pool from language training, accent neutralization, basic computer hardware identification, grammar testing, voice projection and personality development. It also offers Executive research & resourcing firms, Internet recruitment services and Strategic talent acquisition. The last involves a comprehensive screening and selection of candidates, followed by a call-out interview for initial assessment of language skills, confidence, and ability to answer queries.

Alexander Carmichael Inc. recruitment services especially caters for BPO and call center positions such as customer service representatives, technical support representatives, team leaders, healthcare agents, IT helpdesk technician, front end web developer, communication assistants, financial representatives, verification agents, chat support agents, recruiters and call center agents. Applicants can apply online or deposit their resume to the company website.

Alexander Carmichael Philippines call center recruitment office:

  • Alexander Carmichael Ortigas
    2/f Discovery Center Bldg.
    Alfonso St. cor. Ortigas Ave.
    Pasig City, Philippines
    Tel: 7070629, 3580480

B-Plus Outsourcing Solutions

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B-Plus Outsourcing Solutions is a fast growing call center outsourcing firm that specializes in offering basic customer care services that continuously evolve by embracing innovative techniques, like – call blending, voice logging, soft phone, IVR, ACD, dialer software. B-Plus Philippines focuses on process optimization that ensures clients to get reduced costs while converting their business operations for a sustainable benefit.

B-Plus Outsourcing Solutions has skilled manpower and expertise to organize and manage huge inbound and outbound services. It conducts in-house training aimed at bringing customer satisfaction. BPlus Philippines offers a comprehensive range of voice based services that customized to meet up specifications and ensure better satisfaction. It helps advanced cost effectiveness and process enhancement with advanced operational efficiencies by saving on the labor costs, allowing access to State-of-the-art-technology, providing a Multi-channel approach allowing savings through the operational efficiencies and being able to handle high volume of calls.

Among the Outbound Call Center Services of B-Plus Outsourcing Solutions included Appointment Setting, Cross Selling and Upselling, Telemarketing Services, Market Research & Survey, Product or Service Promotion, and Lead Generation. Its Inbound Call Center Services included Answering Service, Customer Service, Direct Response Marketing, Helpdesk Solutions, Inquiry Handling, Tech Support Solutions, Sales Lead Qualification, Email and Chat Support. B-Plus Outsourcing Philippines also provides management of email traffic on behalf of its clients. At the heart of its services is the objective of working towards building quality customer relationship for its clients.

B-Plus Outsourcing Solutions Philippines call center office address:

  • B-Plus CDO
    3/F CDT-Kai Bldg.
    Hayes St. Camaman-an
    Cagayan de Oro
    Misamis Oriental Philippines

Trinity BPO Philippines

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Trinity BPO was formed and conceptualized to create a customer-driven firm that can provide quality outsourcing services from the Filipinos at a reasonable cost. It commits itself to continually maximize clients’ success by consistently providing services that would best serve the interests of its customers as well as promote a fun and challenging environment for staff. More than just saving cost, Trinity BPO Philippines helps clients to focus on their core business and achieve their primary objectives while effectively handling support processes.

Trinity BPO Philippines provides customer focused outsourcing services and customizable high production processes at a minimum cost with maximum efficiency and flexibility to address changes in technology. It commits to supporting customer objectives by delivering high quality services and solutions that will ensure growth opportunities.

For its customer support services, Trinity BPO Philippines provides Technical/Helpdesk Support Services, Online chat support and email and Social media monitoring and response. For massive data, it provides Shipment tracking and status update, Product entry and feed upload/update, Inventory management and Document filing, logging, PO entry and management. For ecommerce, it provides Essential table chart creation using provided dataset, Invoice processing, Market research and general CRM. Trinity BPO Philippines also provides graphic design including Photo cropping, layering, Image retouching and enhancement, Image resizing, filtering, isolating and more. It provides SEO / SEM for site optimization, content, keyword and link management. Back office support included Personal and General Admin Assistant, Appointment Scheduler and Encoding, proofreading, editing. Content management included Web design and management, Logo, banners and infographics and Social media presence. Finally it also provides Video and audio transcription as well as of interviews, conferences, meetings, speeches and more.

Trinity BPO Inc. is headquartered in 19855 Quiroz Court Walnut, CA 91789 US with telephone +1 909.274.9996.

Trinity BPO Philippines call center office location:

  • Trinity BPO Cavite
    Lot 1 Block 12 Phase 1
    2nd Street PEZA
    Rosario, Cavite
    Tel: +63 46 4372920

Altamont Data Solution

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Altamont Data Solution is an exceptional offshore solution provider to international companies that specializes in providing virtual assistants. More than just call center agents, Virtual assistants are agents that specialize in multi-tasking and handling client inquiries whether it is through calls, chat support, or email. Partnering with Altamont Philippines allows clients to significantly lower cost of operation without compromising operational performance thereby increasing productivity while getting the assurance that the people handling your business are competent and able to do the job required properly and exceptionally well.

Altamont Data Solution works on 5 simple principles. Integrity- to take its standards seriously and therefore maintain a solid work ethic; Customer Service that is focus is none other than its clientele to establish loyalty, strong customer relation; Teamwork which involves unification in the heart and tapping the diverse talents of people; Quality as it constantly aims to break performance barriers and commits to deliver nothing less than excellence; and Professionalism which is founded upon enthusiasm, diversity, accountability, teamwork, loyalty and a sense of purpose.

Altamont Philippines manages inbound and outbound customer care to the delivery of client-centric call center solutions which included sales inquiries to billing and help desk services. It serves as the client’s brand extension which offers remarkable high call centre outsourcing solutions. It also utilizes state of the art technology and a robust, energy efficient management system to maximise results. It also has experience and intelligence to sales activities for long term benefits. Altamont Data Solutions also offers a great range of services that are tailored to suit client needs and are guaranteed to take care of the greater portion of your companies back office processing while satisfying customers such as managing customer transfers, contract managements, processing claims, billing or collection paperwork and delivery of system generated lists via email, fax, white mail and social media.

Altamont Data Solutions call center office location:

  • Altamont Cebu
    2900 Barangay Tina-an
    Naga City, Cebu

Forth Bridge Solutions

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Forth Bridge Solutions is premier business process outsourcing firm that bring about the best people to match its client’s needs. It provides superb training on Product and Services and orientation on the culture of the clients its serves. Forth Bridge Philippines provides competitive benefits to its employees excelling in their field and values people for that can bring forth to the betterment of the company.

Forthbridge Solutions Philippines is reputed for its norm-breaking solution for all needs and wants of any company who wants to energize and expand their CLIENT-base. It focuses ensuring that the client gets what they deserve. No false promises, it walks the talk and delivers as it agreed upon. In short, Forth Bridge Philippines provides nothing but the BEST available outsourcing services in the planet.

Topping the services of Forthbridge Solutions is its Voice or Non-Voice; Inbound or Outbound Contact Solutions Services that includes Telemarketing/Telesales, Customer Service, Technical Support, Appointment Setting, Chat Support, Email Correspondence and Leads Generation. It also provides Virtual assistances from General Virtual Assistance / Virtual Secretary, Web Development, Graphics and Design and Consumer Service. Forth Bridge provides IT solutions such as Website Creation, Public Presence Management, Public Identity Build Up and Search Engine Optimization. Forth Bridge Philippines also provides virtual office for multinational companies who wish to have an office in the Philippines but does not have the budget for a brick and mortar office. Finally, it also provides Human Resource Outsourcing including recruitment of specialized workers from accounting, administration, information technology and others for Short or Long Term projects.

Forth Bridge Solutions is headquartered in 1557, Keppel Road, #03-19, Singapore.

Forth Bridge Philippines call center office address:

  • Forth Bridge Ortigas
    11/F Tycoon Center
    Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines